Welcome to IC

By: Stephanie Law


From the east coast to the west coast, from the north to the south, across highways
and airways, from countries all over the world, and even as close as a five minute drive
from campus, students have come to join the Illinois College and Jacksonville community.

Whether you are a part of the first year or transfer students we would like to welcome you
all to Illinois College and Jacksonville. Illinois College is proud to have all of you make this your home for this year and the years to come.

Here at IC there is always something to do on the weekends and the weeknights.
From comedians and movies on the quad to trips to Six Flags Fright Fest and paintball trips,there is never a dull moment on campus on the weekends. On weeknights, when you aren’t doing homework you should attend one of the numerous club meetings that we have here at IC, such as archery club, psychology club, quidditch club, SAGE (Straights and Gays for Equality), Circle K Club, Best Buddies, dance team, and many more. There is always something to do and take part in.

Whether you like to watch sports or play them we have so many different ones
here for you to join in. For the ladies we have basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, softball, volleyball, cross country, tennis, and track and field. For the gents we have basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, cross country, football, baseball, and track and field. We also have plenty of intramural sports for anyone that is interested. Some of the sports included are kickball, co-ed volleyball, men’s and women’s flag football, floor hockey, softball, dodge ball, and badminton. There is a sport for everyone whether you want to watch or play.

While there is so much taking place on campus there is also a lot that happens
in the community of Jacksonville. Jacksonville has so much to offer everyone. We have
restaurants that you will not find anywhere else. If you like Italian food then you should go
Leo’s Pizza and enjoy anything from their authentic fried calamari to pizza. We also have
some other great restaurants called Mugsy’s, Mulligan’s, Brickhouse Barbecue, and many

There are also many historical things to see in Jacksonville. It was a stop on the
Underground Railroad, so there are many houses here that were pit stops and hideaways
for fleeing slaves. There is the Grierson Home, Woodlawn Farms, Gillett House, Asa Talcott
Home and the Clay House, to name a few.

There is so much to be offered in Jacksonville and on the IC campus. So do not
stay in your room. Get out. Explore. Meet new people and make new friends. Have fun and
experience new things. Enjoy your time in Jacksonville and on the IC campus.


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