From Across the Globe

By: Stephanie Law

At IC, we have students from across the globe, from Congo to Japan, all in the pursuit of
obtaining a higher education.

I bet we all have had time to meet some of these students that have traveled far and wide
to come to the IC campus. I had the pleasure of interviewing a girl from Jordan whose name is
Hiba Zawaideh.

You may wonder how someone from Jordan heard about Illinois College and what
process they made to decide to make this their home for the next 4 years. When asked how
she decided to make this her place of higher education she gave an answer that I have heard
before, “I put my application out on the CommonApp website and I chose IC because they gave
me the highest scholarship out of all the colleges I applied to.”

Zawaideh’s experience here has been great for her. She has adjusted very well to all the
changes that she had to go through by meeting a lot of great people and keeping herself busy
with all the clubs and activities that are offered on campus. She says, “I am having a great time
and I have adjusted so well to everything. Since most people are excited to meet foreigners, it
has been great!”

When asked what her greatest moment at Illinois College has been so far Zawaideh
replied, “My greatest moments were the ones that I shared with you and our group of friends.
Spending time with you and everyone else has been the best part of college so far!”

There are many things to like about the IC campus, but Zawaideh said she likes so many
things about being here, from the diversity of the students to the all the different activities that
are going on here on campus.


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