Get Your Leadership On!

By: Katie Stark

Looking to improve leadership skills? The Leadershop creators are wanting to help.

The Leadershop program started last year, in the fall of 2011. As Assistant Dean of Students
Karen Homolka says, while most student affairs professionals are working on developing
leadership is the students they work with, they also saw a need to offer the opportunity for all
IC students to develop their leadership skills.

The program involves staff members from all sectors of student affairs. Proefrock calls it “a
whole Student Affairs collaboration.”

It also gives the opportunity “for staff [members] of students affairs . . . to interact with
students who they wouldn’t normally get to on a regular basis,” said Bejster.

President Steuer will also be involved in the program this year, presenting a session on ethics in
leadership on November 27.

“He asked to be involved with it when he found out. He seemed really interested in the
leadership component of it,” Proefrock says.

The workshops also allow the students to practice these skills as well. Presenters get the
students up and moving, which also helps the students enjoy the session more. The program
also offers snacks and hands out gift cards at the sessions.

In its second year, the Leadershop program has a variety of sessions that have been inspired
from the creators and the opinions of students.

Bejster says, “We are always excited to do different things.”

With its growing popularity, they are excited to be given the chance to do more wide scale
leadership development for the whole campus.

“It’s a worthwhile program that we want to see develop,” Holmolka states.

Catch the next Leadershop “Diversity and Communication: The Impact Words Can Have,” on
Wednesday, October 17th at 7 p.m. in the Lincoln Hall, Multipurpose Room. Justin Mallett,
Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, will be presenting this Leadershop.

For more information on the Leadershop program, email


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