Growth for Women’s Soccer

By: Julie Weier

IC’s women’s soccer team has adopted a new motto: “Be the best us we can be.”
The team has played eleven games, with a record of four wins, six loses and one tie. Though they have seven more games left to play this season, the Lady Blues have already tied the number of wins this year with last years.

Taylor Tiplo believes that their motto has been achieved in many of the games they have played. She says, “In this sport, the best team doesn’t always win but as long as we are playing to the best of our abilities, we are achieving what we set out to accomplish. And that’s what matters.”

Coaches from other colleges have also made remarks on the growing soccer program. The coaches believe that the program has grown a lot in one year, appearing very different from last years.
Triplo believes that the team’s chemistry and talented line-up is cause of these improvements. This is Triplo’s third year playing and she has remarked that not only the coaches but also the players from other colleges have been showing the IC’s women soccer team more respect.

“They know we can play. To me, that shows a lot about our team, even if the scores don’t reflect that.”


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