Julia Garcia

By: Katie Stark

Though her life is made up of rough experiences, Julia Garcia’s sunny demeanor gives no
hint of past sorrows or pains.

Her story came out when she spoke to IC students on September 21, starting with
something she admitted took many years to admit.

“I’m an alcoholic,” Garcia said.

Her parents divorced when she was young and Garcia tried to escape home life by
drinking, starting at the age of fourteen. She says that it lead to a downward spiral filled with
deaths of loved ones, including her cousin, and parties she barely remembers.

A low point, she says, came after being sexually assaulted at a party her freshman year
of college. After that, she was soon forced into rehab after she was arrested for a drunken fight
with another girl.

Garcia was more than a girl who partied. In college, she spent her weeknights studying
and was a member of the soccer team. It didn’t become clear to her that she had a drinking
problem until she started rehab.

In rehab, she turned to photography and writing to express her feelings. She wrote a
book, Somewhere In Between, that discussed her struggles with alcoholism. She also created
an organization, Truality, which she says speaks of her beliefs that people should be true to

Using interactive games, like “Classy Not Trashy”, she opened students up to show them
that they are not alone with their own personal struggles. She also gave advice, or rules, for
students who do party.

She ended the evening with a poem that was “for those who have ever felt alone.”

For more information on Julia Garcia visit http://www.truality.org. Or follow her on Facebook
at facebook.com/juliagarciaistru or Twitter at twitter.com/juliaistru.


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