School Spirit

By: Anna Booher

Three IC students take the initiative to start two new groups on campus—Code Blue and Blue Band.

Code Blue was an idea current junior Chloe Neisler has had since starting IC. She grew up loving college sports and, collaborating with other junior Katie Pierce, has started a group that combines both that love and both girls’ love for the College.

Morgan House was asked to start Blue Band by Dr. Abby Musgrove and Dr. Timothy Kramer. Both professors wanted to resurrect Blue Band, IC’s pep band, from its two year hiatus. House, a sophomore, has already learned a lot from the experience.

“Our first rehearsal this year was the day I had my very first conducting class. I jumped right in there,” she said.

And so did IC. According to the students, the turn out for both groups has been encouraging.

Code Blue currently has 215 members, with more students expected to join as the year goes on.

“That’s really exciting,” Pierce said, “especially because we’re just starting up.”

House has been advertising all summer for pep band.  It currently includes 14 members, 3 of them being professors. Many fans are grateful to hear their old favorites again like the Fight Song and “The Pink Panther Theme”, as well as new favorites like “Call Me Maybe.”

House likes these songs, because they are familiar tunes that everyone knows.  “They keep everybody pumped up,” she says.

Neisler and Pierce encourage any kind of school spirit, including body paint and face paint. They have ideas for raffles at basketball games for a half-court shot, doing responsive cheers with the cheerleaders, and incorporating service for the Food Pantry.

Blue Band has some hope for a collaboration between the two organizations. “We would love [for] Code Blue to start singing with us,” House says.

Neisler and Pierce want all the sporting teams to know that they will be supported.  “I know in years past there hasn’t been that big a turn out at all of the games,” says Neisler.

“It’s about schools doing things together,” says Pierce.  “It’s going to get pretty crazy.”


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