The Rambler Presents: Poetry Corner

By Alexis Ogunmokun

Rambler Staff

What is Civic Engagement?

What is civic engagement?

Civic engagement

Could be

The Civil Rights Movement

An ad on a billboard

Or a peaceful protest to integrate schools

Maybe voting rights

For women

Or soldiers who died for their countries

The dream of civic engagement

Could be an example

Of being an upstanding hero

Do we need tools to be part of a civic engagement?

Not really

We chase our dreams

In a campus

Filled with peace

Civic engagement

Is shared

Made into a reality

If you believe in yourself

Civic engagement

Is giving your time

For charity and service

Without asking

For anything

In return

Part of doing

Good deeds

To the community

Civic engagement

Is in form of everyone

In this day and age

As our heroes

Brought their dreams

Of civic engagement

To reality


Forte a literary magazine

Made by students with

Promising talents

In the world

Of literature and arts

That is expressed

Creatively and artistically

In poetic words

In photos and pictures

Or stories

Forte is invisible

Revealed to readers

In a peaceful campus

Voice of Doubt

Voice of doubt

Did it to me again

On the first day

Of fall semester

As I disgrace

The arts


For sadness

The voice of encouragement

And past mistakes

From home

Helps me out

As I am torn

Between doubt

And encouragement

By Emily Viar

Rambler Staff

“A Starry Night”

It’s a beautiful night

The stars shimmer with delight

Like lanterns in a dark cave

Giving light for all to see

Blackness blankets the sky

Sending a chill down your spine

But the stars will always shine

Like candles that never stop burning

And dreams that never cease

The peaceful night sky may be dark, but it always has a light.

“Fall is Coming”

I can feel the cool, crisp wind whispering across my face

The leaves gently fall down

Blanketing the earth with beautiful color

I breathe in the memorable, fall air

That is filled with the smoky scent of burning leaves

The days seem to be getting shorter

And the sun goes to bed sooner

Summer is gone, but fall is underway!


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