True Blue Palooza

By Faith Irvin

Rambler Staff 


It was an all but an ordinary Wednesday afternoon on the 18th of September here on campus as the lower quad was teeming with fun fair activities, food and merriment. These activities were all thanks to the SAB-sponsored event True Blue Palooza. 

In the midst of the food and games, mingling with all the participating students was none other than President Barbra Farley herself. She thought it was awesome that so many students came out to participate despite the unfavorable weather conditions and told me she was very excited about staying for the whole event to hand out goody bags and watch the screening of Monsters University at the end.

There were many things to do when the palooza kicked off at 5pm. It was difficult to decide where to begin. In front of the bookstore, students gathered with their friends for a few quick silly pictures in the photo booth, mini golf, and Ski-ball.

You could make a trip to the grill to and use 1 meal to purchase a “passport” which allowed you access to 6 themed tents stationed in various places throughout the lower quad that offered all kinds of food ranging from cotton candy to salad shakers. After visiting all of the tents you could even turn in your “passport” filled with stamps from all of the places to be entered into a drawing for a grand prize.

As it drew nearer and nearer to 7pm, the activities got less and less lively. This was not due to lack of students, but to the enormous line that began forming and stretched from the movie screen in front of Caine almost all the way to the east entrance of Lincoln Hall. Everyone was waiting in line to receive one of the IC goody bags being handed out by President Farley, which contained a variety of True Blue candies, pencils, sunglasses and other school spirited items.

True Blue Palooza drew to a close at the 9pm screening of Monsters University. They had originally intended on showing the movie on the lawn in front of Caine Student Center, however due to the weather, it was moved into Memorial Gym.

Overall, True Blue Palooza is an event that will not soon be forgotten by those who took part. Hopefully we will get to see it happen again next year!


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