Lost in Translation

By Jordan Washington 

Rambler Staff 


Communication is a daily worldly thing. We communicate in so many ways that sometimes, we do not even realize it. Sometimes though, our communication skills deeply fail us; especially with the opposite gender.

Lately, I have been around a lot of my girlfriends who complain that guys twist the meanings of their words.  Their words got me thinking; do guys really interpret what girls say in a completely different way than what the girl really meant? If you ask me, I do believe that at times and in certain situations, guys can misinterpret what a girl says. I remember in one instance that, my friend asked this guy to hang out, and he assumed that he was leading her on. Mind you, my friend was only interested in him as a friend and for him to assume that, I thought that he was crazy. I do believe that guys tend to overthink what a girl says; like when I asked a guy to hang out. To me, it is very unusual for a guy to assume that I want to get romantically involved with him when I just asked that simple question.

Another question that probably runs across some girl’s minds: Is the guy thinking way more into it than what the girl initially wants the situation to be? I think that yes, at certain times and in certain situations, guys can do that as well.  I believe that some guys are very cocky, and they think that every girl that they meet wants to be more than friends when that simply isn’t true for most girls. Some girls do just want to be friends with a guy, and nothing more, but some guys just do not get that fact.

I do believe that in order to change the miscommunication, guys just need to stop assuming and just ask us what we as girls really meant. When we say that we want to hang out, most of the times that is all we really want to do. We don’t want to try to get romantically involved with the guy, nor do we want to ‘try something’. Sometimes, all we want to be is friends with the guy, and in order for guys to understand that, they just need to ask us what we really meant.


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