A Talented Night at Follies


Rambler Staff


A great way to spend Friday, October 11 was at Follies in Rammelkamp Chapel.  From laughter to cheers, it is safe to say that there is a lot of talent here at Illinois College.  Each act was unique in its own way and made it an enjoyable time for the audience to witness.

The beginning of the show started with an introduction by the emcees, Samir Adrissi and Alex Ekong followed by an introduction of the judges, President Barbara Farley, Dr. Adrienne Hacker-Daniels, Dr. Justin Mallett, and Dr. Elizabeth Rellinger Zettler.  

After the introductions of the emcees and the judges, the show started off with its first act performed by Kyle Evans, Kristopher Evans, Jake Himmel, and Caleb Sawyer. They performed a collection of popular songs by Justin Timberlake. These songs got the crowd up and moving while also singing along. Following this act, the next performer was Taylor Molandro who sang “Stars”, wowing the crowd with her stellar performance. 

The two acts decided to try something different than a musical performance. Elizabeth Kelley performed a dance number to “Heart of the Matter”. Then, Samir Adrissi and Jamie Peebles performed spoken word poetry.  Their poetry discussed the issues many Illinois College students face. Students seemed to be in agreement with Adrissi and Peebles as they cheered them on. 

Another act was The Hounds performed by Lucas Chamberlain, Meagan Donahue, Tyler Gillson, Kayla Green, Nick Hommowun, Kelly McCormick, Drew Stroud, Kathryn Stroud, Amibeth Thompson, Kelsey Tucker, Lauren Wilson, and Amy Zahner. This act was mixture of dancing and singing as Drew Stroud sang while Kathryn Stroud played the fox. The rest of the members were dancers and danced on stage as well as off stage in the aisles. 

 Followed by this act was Leah Shumaker who sang “I Will Always Love You.” Shumaker’s performance not only won over the audience but also the judges as she received first place. The crowd was so moved during her performance that cell phones were even taken out and waved. 

 Zipporea Abdulmalik, Logan Giesing, and Sheldon Null performed “Stay” by Rihanna. Giesing played the piano while Abdulmalik and Null sang the duet. This group ended up winning over the judges as well with their performance as they received first place in the group division.  Noah Rieger also performed on the piano. He entertained the audience with his piano skills through improvisation.   

Skye Mibbs and Breahna Lesemann were the next act that performed with the song “Dream A Little Dream of Me.” Mibbs played the saxophone while Lesemann did the vocals. Jack Grogan followed this act with his recurring stand-up comedy act. Grogan kept the crowd in stitches with his hilarious jokes. After this, Ade Babington took the stage singing, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

  Ben Wolf performed a four chord mash-up that had the crowd singing along. Lucas Chamberlain and Oyinda Oshiafi performed “Beneath Your Beautiful.” Ofuma Eze-Echesi performed a dance number for the second time at Follies with two Ciara songs.

  The conclusion of Follies ended with a performance by the Illinois College Chamber Singers followed by the announcement of this year’s 2013 Homecoming King and Queen.

In conclusion, Follies was a good show and very enjoyable, and many thanks to Leslie Harris who put on a great Homecoming.  Sophomore, Paige Graham, really enjoyed Follies stating, “I thought the Follies showcased what Illinois College students are passionate about. I especially enjoyed the spoken word poetry. It exemplified the feelings that a lot of students have but are unwilling to speak out about.” Every act in Follies did a really good job showcasing their talent, and it was very entertaining to watch.


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