Poetry Corner

“The Storm”

There’s stillness in the air

Lightening crackles in the distance

The roll of thunder echoes and shakes the earth

Rain falls from gray clouds

Like a gentle mist

The thunder continues to growl

And the lightening paints white cracks in the sky

The rain is no more a mist

But rather a downpour pounding the pavement

Like wolves ready to bite

The wind begins to pick up and the trees blow furiously

As if they are ready for a fight

Dust and branches are thrown all around

And the rain continues to pour down

The storm is just passing through

And it won’t be here for long

Because once it’s over, the rain softly falls

As if keeping rhythm to a fresh new song.


Rambler Staff

“Missed Points”

Missed points

On a foundation

Created by the forefathers

Before us

When the land

Was taken


By the first

People who

Discovered this land

Not knowing

That it was

Their land first

Now they turned

This land

Into profit

With no heart

And soul


Rambler Staff

“Your Light”

Highs and lows, ups and downs

It may be hard to swallow

But after every storm, a rainbow will follow

Your world may seem turned around

The coldness will make you shiver

And darkness may terrify you

But your heart will bring warmth even though you quiver

So let your light shine through.


Rambler Staff

“Old Memories from the Dark Days”

Old memories from

The dark days

Remind the vulnerable

As recent memories

Keeps their mind

At a positive mindset

To create black and white

That forms light and darkness

To create a gray are within them


Rambler Staff


Rambler Staff



Sat in a field

Of burning flowers

That burned blue


When the children

Of the undead

Became creative

In their method

Of selflessness

Broken and dead

Inside they

Picked their


Of choices

As they entered

A field

Of burning flowers

While crying for

The real

Thing in

Their lives

When they played

Old songs

From Filter

“Gray Sadness”

A gloomy day

As the sky

Cries empty

Tears for no one

When the world

Ended in needles

Pierced through them

As they are fast asleep

“Time Executed Me”

Nailed to wood

In a misunderstood world

After I saw

The physical side

Of it

When time killed me

In various ways

Time buried me alive

Time executed me by hanging

Time broke me

Time drowned me

Time suffocated me

Time left a poem

On me

When I was on

The verge

Of dying

A natural death


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