For Teddy Geiger, I Would


On Friday, January 17, SAB kicked off the new semester and welcomed everyone back to school by promptly melting the hearts of nearly every woman on campus. This was the result of singer/songwriter Teddy Geiger casually serenading Illinois College with his lyrical and musical gifts on stage in our very own Cummings Dining Hall.

1613910_622788044453663_1149970269_nWith almost nothing else to look at but his face plastered all over campus for the whole first week of classes, the event was highly anticipated. In passing one of the many campus bulletin boards on several occasions, it was not uncommon to hear things along the lines of “He is so hot!”, “I mean, have you seen his face?!”, and “my future husband.”

What they didn’t realize is that there is more to Gieger than meets the eyes. During his performance here at Illinois College, he pulled out all the stops for us with incredible vocals and accompaniment on the acoustic guitar and keyboard playing old favorites while also trying out material so new that some of the songs didn’t even have endings written and just stopped abruptly.

Geiger has become quite an established and talented artist and it was great to have him on campus. He has written several songs that have went on to be big hits performed by artists such as Tiesto and One Direction. Geiger also recently published a new album entitled The Last Fears. Currently, he is on tour in the United States. Illinois College was actually his very first stop along the way.

In an interview after the show (and a couple hundred fan-girl autographs and photos), Geiger told me “You guys are special” referring to the crowd of Illinois College students. It is not often that he gets a crowd that is so chill and goes along with what he wants to do and it was really easy for him to open up to us. He also wanted to thank the SAB and Illinois College for having him here to perform.

geiger 2

As a spectator, you could tell that he really felt at home on the stage in front of us but in a unique extra-casual sort of way. In fact, his chill demeanor made it seem almost as though instead of being on stage, he was hanging out at home practicing his music while pretending to casually entertain the audience with slightly humorous and offbeat conversation about movies he had watched recently on Netflix and other mundane things of the nature.

Since this was the first stop on his tour and he was really glad that he got the opportunity to experiment. Needless to say, we all started the semester on a good note, literally.


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