Presidential Aspirations Stuck in Traffic


Chris Christie: a name that now invokes scandal and losing face for the poor governor of New Jersey. His only problem used to be his weight and the comparisons to the Blob from the Marvel comics.

Now it is the 2013 George Washington bridge scandal and the Hoboken Sandy relief money that is potentially ruining his run for President of the United States. Christie claims ignorance for the bridge scandal and places the blame for it on his staff, some of which he fired.

The scandal concerns a city called Fort Wayne and the bridge to the city. The “administration” pushed through lane closings on the bridge, which caused a congestion of traffic that was oddly more than usual. This caused emergency vehicles to be delayed in arrivals to their destinations. This is inexcusable and the reason behind the lane closings is petty. The underlying cause of the scandal is that the mayor of Fort Wayne did not support Christie in the last election.

Christie is a politician and part of the job description is to lie through his teeth, so I do not trust him on his ignorance of the scandal. It is his staff and he has strong connections to it. This means he should be knowledgeable on what his staff is doing on a daily basis.

The federal government has been investigating Christie but has not found any links between him and the scandal.

Another scandal the governor is currently involved in has no ties to the George Washington bridge scandal; however, it does concern money or a governor’s best tool to control his state. Dawn Zimmer is the mayor of Hoboken. She claims Christie would pull Hurricane Sandy relief money if she did not support a certain redevelopment group. This redevelopment group has ties to Christie. This scandal seems fishy to me because on one hand he has a community desperate for money while on another this seems like a good opportunity to bury Christie’s presidential aspirations. This claim could be entirely false; once a story shows a person in a negative light, people have a hard time forgetting that story.

Recently, Christie was inaugurated for another term as governor of New Jersey. The speech Christie gave was different from the previous one. This included more “us/we” than “I/me” language which goes contrary to the personality of Christie who is more “me” type of person. He was also a bit more somber during the proceedings by half-heartedly waving his hand and not smiling. I do not know if it was all an act or that he was genuinely sorry for the scandals now plaguing his administration.

I believe these scandals will vastly decrease Christie’s chances at becoming President. Even if he is confirmed as not being involved in the bridge scandal, it will mean Christie has a weakness of being unable to control his staff. As president, Christie would need to confront the weakness because the president needs control over his staff. The Hoboken scandal only adds more fuel to the fire of the destruction of Christie’s presidential aspirations.

*Image Courtesy of AP Images


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