Safeco Is A Safe Bet!


Ever heard of a Safeco Bakery near Illinois College?

Don’t worry; chances are that you are not the only one. Recently, Enactus has introduced to some students that there is a locally owned bakery near the school. When you first hear the name, you may mistake this place for the gas station “Safeco.” However, this Safeco is a charming little café located on Morton Street. Right next to KFC, you can locate Safeco with its large sign that spells out “BAKERY.” You can’t miss it.

When first walking into the bakery, you will notice the large and delightful looking display of the treats. This café offers multiple types of fresh donuts from regular glazed to powdered, jelly-filled donuts. The other delicious treats Safeco has to offer are a variety of muffins, fruits, cakes and pies. There are also lunch specialties such as soups and sandwiches.

Personally, my first trip there I tried a powdered jelly-filled donut and a mocha. I must say, the first thing I said after tasting the mocha was that it was the best I have had in a while (Sorry, Baxter coffee shop).

If you plan on having breakfast or lunch at Safeco, there is a whole area with tables and chairs where you can relax. Safeco has a nice downtown-type café atmosphere. I have been missing places like this ever since leaving Washington (coffee shops are everywhere).

Want to go downtown without actually leaving Jacksonville? With Safeco Bakery, you will be able to. I encourage you to come check it out. Invite some family or friends to spend some quality time with. If you are feeling bold, bring a date! On weekdays, this place is open from 5 a.m. until 2 p.m. If you are in-between classes and have an hour or so to spare, spend some time there! It will definitely be worthwhile.

*Image Courtesy of <a href=””><img alt=”Photos of Safeco Donuts and Bakery Jacksonville il, Jacksonville” src=””/></a><br/>This photo of <a href=””>Safeco Donuts and Bakery Jacksonville il</a> is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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