Internet Not Found

Jordan Washington

If you were to walk around the Illinois College Campus, it is likely that you would hear a student complain about the internet or Wi-Fi connection here. No matter how many emails students get about how the IT department upgraded something about the internet, there are always a hand-full of students who still complain.

The Rambler recently talked with one the heads of the IT department, Marc Benner, about why the internet is the way it is, and ways that he and his team are trying to fix it.

Some students are used to the unexpected loss of connection. IC sophomores Genevieve Elkin and Jasmin Falk gave their opinion on the matter. According to Elkin, “Sometimes the internet can be rather slow, particularly when loading videos. There are also times that it kind of comes and goes, though the connection never seems to be lost for too long.”

Falk says, “With the area that we’re in, there isn’t a lot of service. It’s a college campus with tons of kids using the internet daily. You just expect this kind of thing, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise”.

Sophomore Faith Irvin says that she has had difficulties with the internet on campus too. “When I type papers or use websites required for my courses, I often have issues with the internet. It tends to cut in and out, making doing work online pretty hard sometimes.”

Sophomore Lex Smith, an avid computer-user, says that the internet “will momentarily disconnect which does not affect the speed of my computer, but makes the plugins on my browser become unresponsive, which in turn makes the browser freeze or crash.”

According to the IT Department’s Marc Benner, a majority of the issues that students are having with the internet are due to an issue with the Xbox 360 game console. Some students who try to connect their Xbox 360 consoles to Xbox Live are experiencing problems with the connection. “There’s a problem with Microsoft because it uses a very old data speed processor. The firewall doesn’t support Microsoft’s traffic,” Benner said. To deal with it, the department has to “add more access points” Benner later stated.

As far as the bad internet connection, “That’s news to me!” he later admitted.  “If a student’s connection isn’t the best, maybe it’s just the type of computer that the student has.”

As far as the internet and Wi-Fi connection goes, students and faculty opinions differ. Some students have their annoyances with it while some faculty members, such as Benner, don’t have any real problems with it.

If students have complaints about the internet or Wi-Fi here, Benner suggested that they go to the IT Departments Twitter page @IC_Helpdesk, or their blog: If a student is having problems with their computer, Benner suggests that students should bring their computer either to him or the Helpdesk on the third floor of Crispin. The department can see if the students Wi-Fi is up to date and they can update it “pretty rapidly.”

If students want to voice their opinions about the matter, they should send a tweet or tweets to the IT Departments Twitter page: @IC_Helpdesk. Hopefully the internet and Wi-Fi connection continue to get better.



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