Volley for Charter School a Success

Helene Sierminski

On Friday, January 31, Volley for 8 Points took place in Memorial Gym and the event lasted until midnight.

The volleyball tournament, co-sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the Outdoor Adventure Club (OASIS), was hosted for 8 Points Charter School, located in Jacksonville. This charter school provides an education to low-income middle school students in the surrounding area.

FCA and OASIS were raising money to cover the entrance fees for some 8 Points students as well as to replace some equipment. Sophomore Nathan Zimmerman was the one who came up with the idea for the event.

 FCA and OASIS decided to use volleyball for the event because they thought that volleyball would be the easiest, as they wanted to appeal to everybody, including those who are not athletic.  Those who were eligible to participate in the event, high school students to college seniors, had to pay a registration fee of thirty dollars.

According to the organizer, word was put out through e-mail, radio, Facebook. Local businesses also got involved such as Frozen Penguin. Other organizations also helped to sponsor the event, including the Hampton Inn, Jacksonville Savings Bank, and Leo’s Pizza.

Twelve teams signed up for the event and over $500 was raised. There was also a raffle basket which to raise additional money for the charter school. The money that FCA and OASIS raised helped to fund the replacement of old, unusable equipment.

The FCA and OASIS both claimed that the event was “very successful” and as far as improvement is concerned, the they are expecting the event to last for two or more days, as opposed to only the one day that this event to place, if they plan to sponsor this event in future years.


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