Midterm Woes: The light at the end of the tunnel

Jordan Washington

That time of the year has comer where you see students cramming and being stressed has passed for so many students here at IC. Midterms, midterms, midterms; where do I begin?

First, if I could have it my way, midterms would not exist. I think that they’re unnecessary, and they cause unnecessary stress on us students. I think that professors should give out mini quizzes throughout the semester, and then the only test we should have to worry about is the final.

Secondly, I think that some professors don’t even care that we students have other classes besides theirs, which we also have to study for. I have had a few professors who act like this. It really sucked because most of them did not even give out review sheets for the midterm, which made it harder to know what specific key points/concepts were going to be on the test.

Also, some professors give you a ton of other homework to do while saying that you have a midterm in 3 days, and they seem to not have taught you much or prepared you for what is on the test.  It seems like some professors would have us suffer in their class rather than succeed in it due to their actions, or lack thereof them.

Third, not only do we as students have other classes, but most of us are involved in extra-curriculars. I have a couple of friends who are very involved, and they always complain about how they feel that they do not have the time to study because they are so busy with other classes/clubs/jobs/etc.

All of these reasons are why midterms basically suck! But, since midterms unfortunately exist, I would advise for students who are heavily involved to set some time in advance to study. If you aren’t involved, or even if you are, you should begin to review weeks in advance; maybe even before your professor(s) even get a chance to talk about the midterm.  Whether it be for just a hour/two hours, a little time will help you, and you won’t feel the need to cram because let’s face it, we all have done that in some point of our college careers.

Also, find a peaceful place for you to get your study on! If you get easily distracted, try going to the basement of the library, the chapel, or any place on campus where you know that you will not get easily distracted. Another tip that helped me was to review the things that really trouble you or were hard to understand. Don’t re-review the key points/concepts that you do know because when you get that midterm, sometimes professors put the challenging things that you might not understand on there instead of the easy to grasp things.

Hopefully, midterms won’t be so stressful the next time around! Happy studying everyone!


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