Investing for the Future

Drew Stroud —


Imagine your bank account. Imagine if suddenly, $600,000 was added into your account and it was your responsibility to balance it and make sure everything is accounted for. Finally, imagine that while doing this you also have to make sure to keep track of high power stocks like Google and Microsoft. Welcome to the world of the Investment Club.


Illinois College’s Investment Club has been around since the 1990’s. Established by Warren O. Billhartz’s own money, $100,000 of it exactly, the group worked on making sound choices for investments in the market.

Recently, they have caught interest around campus as they try to make their club more campus friendly.

“We may call ourselves the richest club on campus,” Sophomore Investment Club President, Nathan Zimmerman said, “but I would like to see us as the most influential club on campus.”

Zimmerman went on to explain how they plan on bringing a country dance to the campus in the fall based on a survey the club did. Where the club stands financially, they are able to make a few adjustments to allow students to attend the dance for free.

Advisor of the club and Professor of Economics, T.J. Devine, who has been the advisor for the past four years added, “The club is considering more involved trips, possibly New York, and activities to get more students involved. Ideally, the club would provide a resource for students interested in learning to invest their own.”

The club can own up to investing. Since their start in 1995, they have jumped from a mere $100,000 to the $600,000 they stand at today. They have seen a 13 percent return since the fund started.

“That’s impressive since the dividends are reinvested into the college’s general fund.” Devine explained.investing-in-stocks3-ticker-symbols.s600x600

These funds aren’t just sitting around collecting dust. “We have a very diverse portfolio of stocks which range from Buffalo Wild Wings to Microsoft.”  Zimmerman stated.

This range of stocks is a whooping twenty-nine. All used to help students better understand how to balance money, and when to buy into certain markets. The club was created to be a learning tool for anyone interested in the stock market, and so far they have done exceedingly well.

All these increases leads the club in a full circle to their final end goal: providing for the campus. With plans of guest speakers, convocations and even service projects, a new change is coming over the club.

“My emphasis is campus involvement and giving back to IC to give our club the prestige of what our returns claim we are worth.” Zimmerman said. “That is how I intend to improve the club.”

As they move forward, it will be exciting to see what the club can accomplish. With $600,000 in the fodder, it is sure to be great things.

“I foresee great things from the Investment Club for the Illinois College campus” Zimmerman concludes.


*Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons


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