Your New Student Senate

Emily Hawkins-

In an effort to promote self-government and to best voice our opinions and concerns, as well as resolve the issues affecting our campus, we, the students of Illinois College […], do form the Illinois College Student Senate as our government entity.”

The New Student Senate Logo

The New Student Senate Logo

This is the preamble of the constitution of our very own Student Senate, the representative body for students at Illinois College. The Student Senate does our dirty work; they do their best to solve any issues we have on campus, from slippery sidewalks in the winter to our not-so-good internet all year round.

So far this year, the Student Senate has dealt with a variety of issues important to students, such as dining services and Residential Life concerns. Senate has taken many steps to tackle these issues, meeting with IT, Dean Carlson, and the Res Life staff, and has made sure student input is being considered when choosing which dining service should provide for our campus.

The most pressing issue that Student Senate is currently working on is installing monitors around campus that would display campus announcements, daily menus, schedules, and promotional videos about IC. Senate is working on getting a few test monitors to see if this is preferable to the hundreds of emails we get each day.

In order to continue improvement on these issues next year, the Senate had to find a replacement for their current president, graduating senior Jasper Brown.

Elections were held last week and were entirely online; this new method was created by the Senate and IT in hopes of increasing voter turnout. Voters selected sophomore Jovanny Nava as the new President of Student Senate with sophomore Dan Lewis as his Vice-President.

Student Senate Executive Treasurer senior Bret Thixton has great expectations for Nava and says, “Jovanny is a strong leader in the sophomore class and will guide Senate in the right direction next year. I hope that the projects that we didn’t finish are accomplished next year along with starting new ones that best represent the student body’s wants and needs.”

Nava is excited to be taking over Student Senate and is prepared to take on many issues such as negotiating tuition locks for incoming students in order to prevent any more hikes, placing monitors around campus in order to alleviate Campus Announcements and Flyers, and a comprehensive review of the College’s Alcohol Policy with the intent of making it more fair for students.

Nava says the goal for his presidency is “improving the Student Experience at Illinois College.” Nava officially took over his position on April 10.

General elections were also held recently for each of the three returning classes.

The Class Senators for 2015 are Koert Brown, Ryan Flynn, Joe Byington, Jacob Franke, Dillon Clark, and Matt Nelson.

The Class Senators for 2016: Bradley Franke, Paige Graham, Julia Mendez, Emmanuel Tshimoa, Renata Gray, and Nathan Zimmerman.

The Class Senators for 2017: Ellie Johnson, Allison Kjellander, Heath Bruce, Haylie Kirkwood, Adam Enz, and Fatima Alshantt.

The Rambler and myself want to extend their congratulations to all that were elected! We look forward to seeing what the Student Senate will do for us students next year!


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