Keep Calm and Just Ask: Emily’s Advice

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Emily Bystry –

So it’s that time of year again. You know, that time when we receive about 10 campus e-mails every other hour. Oh wait…that’s year round. Anyway, you keep getting all of these e-mails asking you to come out and join their club. The question is: which club do I join? Which one is the coolest? Where can I meet the most people? The answer is simple.

First things first, forget about wanting to be in the “coolest” club. We’re in college folks. If you want to be ‘cool’ go back to high school. However, if you’re looking to join a club where you’ll have a lot of interaction with people, I might suggest trying out Student Activities Board (SAB), Peer Health Educators (PHE), or joining one of our many literary societies. If you’re looking for a club that shares common interests among other students, I’d say go for BASIC, Parker After Dark, SAGE, a sports team or IM’s or even the Quiddich Club. But, if you’re looking for a club to join because it has to do with your major it seems as though a good place to start would be Tomorrow’s Teachers, Psychology, Accounting, Chemistry, or French Clubs.


There are obviously many clubs I did not mention (not purposefully) and there is no limit as to how many clubs you can join. But, obviously let’s not forget about our grades. The advice I’m really trying to give you here is this: go out of your comfort zone, explore your many different options, and just join a club to have that sense of involvement within your school.

**Note: if you’re seeking some advice, whether it be serious, joking, stupid, or just random send it in and I’ll answer it as best to my sarcastic ability as possible.


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