How To Get Over Summer

By Emily Hawkins –

Three months. Three glorious months of sitting around, eating food that’s way too bad for you, hanging out with friends, laying out, watching Netflix, occasionally working, and spending time with the people that share your blood and make you delicious non-Chartwells food.

And now you’re back here, reading this article, probably thinking that you’d rather be at home

hanging poolside instead of sitting on campus and going to class. As I’m reminding you of this, I’m sure your face turns to a scowl and your hands clench into fists, and you absolutely hate me for bringing this up.

But I’m here to help. I’m here to give you some advice on how to get over the loss of freedom.

The way I see it, you have five options:

Option 1: Cry

This is not only for the girls, guys can even benefit from this brief display of emotion. Take a day to lock yourself in your room, maybe even ask your roommate to join, and cry. Let it all out, practically drown yourself in the new pool that replaces the pool you’ve had in your backyard for the past 3 months. Sometimes all you need is a good, long cry to ease the weight off your shoulders.

Option 2: Pretend it’s summer anyway

Grab a friend, go outside, and lay out on the turf! Be sure that the 200 members of the football

team are not practicing first, of course. If you have to skip a class or two to accomplish this, it’s perfectly okay. Your professors will understand that you need to cope with this loss.

Go to the lake and take a dip! It’s bigger than your pool at home and has fish in it. I can’t imagine how this is a bad idea.

Buy a kiddie pool and put it in your dorm! You can have the best of both worlds with a pool and TV all in one area! Who needs summer anyway?

Stay up all night–what’s homework?–and watch Netflix after you get back from class. It’ll feel just like you’re at home in bed!

When it finally gets too cold to do any outside activities, you’ll have no choice but to except that summer is dead and gone.


Option 3: Ignore any school-related activities

At least go to class so your professors know you exist. But who says you have to actually pay attention in class? Not for the first two weeks anyway. Grab a magazine, a cold drink, and sit back while everyone else answers questions. No one likes a nerd.

Meetings? Nope. Send emails and explain that this meeting just won’t work for you, that you

simply cannot mentally handle it. Your mental health is the most important thing, after all.

Practice? Nah, you don’t need to go. Eventually you’ll get kicked off the team and you really

won’t have to worry about it at all anymore!

Option 4: Beg your parents to send you leftovers

I know school food can leave you feeling down, physically and mentally, but all you have to do is tell your parents to send you food in the mail! Sure, by the time it gets to you it’ll be a little cold, but a microwave will give that food a second life.

Option 5: Go home

If none of the previous options help you at all, just visit home once or twice a week. It’ll be like

you never left and your parents will be overjoyed to see you.

….Or drop out and go home and never have to worry about anything ever again.


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