To-go Box-less

Jordan Washington –

Illinois College has implemented some new changes within the food program.  One of those changes is the ’good riddance’ of the famed to-go boxes.  If you are not a freshman this year, you probably remember being able to go to the cafeteria and take your food with you, if you chose to. Fast forward to now, to-go boxes in the cafeteria are performing some type of disappearing act, unfortunately. Now, students are basically forced to eat in the cafeteria and never take their food elsewhere, like their comfy rooms or class. Here are my reasons on why food services should bring back to-go boxes:

1) They are VERY convenient. Who hasn’t rushed to class before on an empty stomach? When to-go boxes were in existence, you could easily just go to the cafeteria, get a to-go box, fill it with food, and then you were running on your merry way to class.  Or if you had some type of meeting or you just have to go study, you can just bring your food with you; you wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough time to eat.

2) They are good for the environment. I know that when I was finished with the food that I had in my to-go box, I usually recycled some parts of it for other things, like I used the top of one for a temporary pen and pencil holder.  I’ve seen other students use some of the box for bookmarks as well. Plus, they are bio-degradable.


3) Your food stays warmer. I remember that every time I had eaten at the cafeteria, sometimes the food would get a little cold after a short amount of time.  However, when I had my food in my to-go box, it stayed warm a lot longer because of the insulation from the box.  That especially helps in the brutal winter months!

4) You can get as much food as you need/want. When you eat in the cafeteria, you only have room for a small portion of food on your plate. If you want more, you would have to get a second plate or go up for seconds. With to-go boxes, you can stuff as much food in them because they are a little bit bigger than the average plate.  Plus, the to-go boxes included other little containers as well.

After listing those reasons, I really hope that food services thinks about bringing back the to-go boxes. They are sorely missed!


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