Branding Illinois College

Emily Hawkins – IC Gets New Signs Across Campus

You facebook stalked all summer in hopes that you would glimpse pictures of the new coffee shop and the new grill. You arrived at school and scoped out these buildings before they even opened for the semester, and waited in line to get your first taste. But did you notice the other changes around campus?

IC has added huge, “true blue” signs around campus, marking major buildings such as Tanner Hall and Bruner Fitness and Recreation Center. There are also large letters that spell out “Illinois College” on the South side of Parker Hall. For this we owe thanks to Vice President for Enrollment Management and College Marketing, Stephanie Chipman.

brandy Parker

Chipman spent six years at Butler University before being referred to apply for the job at IC by her friend, and IC Dean of Success, Andrew Jones. She supervises four departments on campus: Admissions, Financial Aid, Office of Communication, and Campus Events. She also sits on President Farley’s Cabinet and works with strategy and planning, making her the perfect woman for the job.

Think back to the first few days of your freshman year, even the first time you set foot on this campus. Did you know what building you were going to before your guide told you? This is the exact reason why Chipman proposed the signs. Chipman says, “I like to look at IC from a visitor’s perspective. Many people who come here are not just prospective students, they’re from the community.”

Chipman came up with “Phase One” of the signs last spring and finally received them this past summer. These Phases are the result of intelligent budgeting by Chipman and her colleagues. When I asked Chipman about upcoming phases, a huge grin spread across her face and she immediately launched into an excited explanation about Phases Two and Three.

Phase Two and Phase Three are future plans that are not in the budget yet but will be in the near future. At the start of October, two Phase One purchased signs will be seen around campus; one will be outside of Schewe Library, the other outside of the tennis courts. Many don’t even realize that the tennis courts are actually on IC’s campus, making this sign an even more important one for the tennis team’s competitors and spectators. The other signs within Phases Two and Three are the ones that will be put outside of academic and administrative buildings, and directional signs will also be seen that will tell you where you are in relation to the entire campus, a huge plus for visitors of the college.

Brandy kirby sign

Chipman also has plans to make use of the blank walls around campus and inside different buildings. These walls will feature art work, a project that Chipman has been developing with the Public Art Committee, and will add to the décor of the inside as well as outside of buildings.

Along with Student Senate, IT, and other departments, Chipman has also assisted in getting and managing the seven new monitors seen around campus.

Chipman said, “This is such a unique community because every faculty and staff member is dedicated to student success. You don’t get that at every college. It is so rare.”

Chipman says that this is by far her favorite place she’s worked at. We at the Rambler appreciate her hard work and look forward to have a more branded, interesting campus.


Emily Hawkins, from Belvidere, Illinois, is a senior majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration with a Psychology minor. Emily is a Features Co-editor and writer for The Rambler, and plays softball.


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