Café of the Day

Leilani-Jade Pecher –

Are you seeking better hangout spots? How about highly or darkly lit places that inspire you to study or focus? Maybe you just want to relax or hang out with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee? Look no further! There are two cafés in our local area that students should definitely check out.


Located on Morton Street right here in Jacksonville, IL is the Safeco Bakery, right beside KFC. To begin, this spot is ideal for a morning person, wanting to start their day early at a café. Open from 5 a.m. until 2 p.m. this spot offers a whole range of food items. There are freshly baked breakfast doughnuts. Having checked out the location before, there is a lot to say about this small bakery/café.

For Safeco’s size, it is relatively spacious and there are plenty of tables and chairs if you want to relax or study. Studying in this location would definitely be a good choice. There are many windows and bright lights flowing in. The amount of space and light in Safeco is reassuring for any student who would need this sort of environment.

Safeco Bakery does close relatively early, by 2 p.m. For college students, we may decide not to go there because of classes, or we simply do not want to leave campus that early. However, if you are available to stop by during the morning to noon hours, it would be a choice you will not regret.

Cafe3 (1)


The other café to check out is The Soap Co. Coffee House at the town square in Jacksonville. Yes, this place is both a shop that sells homemade soaps and has a space to grab a cup of coffee. It’s an interesting café with a hipster-type vibe. You can even check out their Facebook!

The Soap Co. has a dimmer-lit setting, which for some students is an ideal place to relax while writing a paper. If you are looking for a more darkly lit, relaxing environment, this place is for you. They close at 2 p.m. as well, but are open later in the evening during weekends.

The owners of these establishments are working hard to keep their café a good place to be. Visiting these “mom and pop” type businesses like Safeco and The Soap Shop will not only beneficial to us, but Jacksonville as a whole. Supporting local businesses in turn supports the community.

I highly recommend any student to check these places out. Decide what type of environment you want to be in and then go from there. If you are an “early bird,” visit Safeco Bakery. If you are the type to drink coffee in the evening and study, check out The Soap Co. These are just a couple of cool places to explore here in town. They might even make more interesting places to eat, relax or study. Change your routine up at Illinois College and visit these cafés!


Leilani-Jade Pecher, from Lakewood, Wash. is a sophomore double-majoring in Communications and Management and Organizational Leadership. Leilani is the Director of PR & Advertising and writer for The Rambler. She is the Vice-President for the Coalition for Ethnic Awareness, PR for Enactus, and a member of several clubs.


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