Keep Calm and Just Ask Emily

Emily Bystry –

Hello Emily!

There’s this guy that I really like. The problem is, is that he’s involved with another girl. That’s not even the tricky part. This guy acts like he’s interested in me though. Like the prolonged eye contact and everything. I know his character and he has never cheated or had a wandering eye if he was in a relationship. Part of me want to suppress my attraction, but every time I try, it gets deeper than it was before. What should I do?

Confused as Hell


Emily Bystry, from Jacksonville, Illinois is a junior majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish. Emily is an advice columnist for The Rambler, a member of the track and field teams, SAB, and Kappa Delta Pi.


Dear Confused as Hell,

Have you ever tried to tell him your feelings for him? In no way am I telling you to be a home-wrecker, because quite honestly no one likes a home-wrecker. However, if you think this guy truly may have some type of feelings for you, then it would be important that the two of you discuss this in a mature way. You did say that part of you wants to suppress this attraction you have for him, and if talking to him doesn’t work out I highly recommend doing this. I know it may be hard, but it is probably for the best. Who knows, maybe this guy isn’t even the right one for you!

My last bit of advice for you is a little rebellious, however. You say he is making prolonged eye contact with you? Well stare right back at him. I’m not telling you to blatantly flirt with him by making lengthy eye contact, or staring at him so hard he becomes intimidated by you, but have a little fun with it. What’s the worst you are going to do? Make a fool of yourself is about all I can think of. I wish you luck, whoever you may be, and my final words are to not worry so much about boys, especially the ones who are already tied down. Being in college is all about experiencing freedom and exploring your options. So go do that rather than worry about some boy who you think might have made some intense eye contact with you!




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