Lettidor: Remember The Good Times

Lettidor: Dan Lewis –

Remember the good times?

Remember when if you wanted to watch a movie, you used to have to look up show times at the nearest theater, drive there, buy your reasonably-priced ticket, and relax in front of the big screen?


Nowadays, anyone can find any movie on the internet. It seems like everyone knows somebody’s Netflix or Hulu Plus account’s password, allowing them to select from a nearly limitless vault of movies and shows. Anyone with decent anti-virus software and an ad-blocker plugin can explore the darker, less legal side of the internet in the pursuit of cinema.

Remember when you had to drive to the theaters? Now you just open up your laptop.

Hey, I’m not complaining; I love tv shows too much for me not to take advantage of this online opportunity. Being able to watch a quick show or sit down and watch a movie or two on the weekend without having to leave the room is more than just a little pleasure in life. It’s become a routine, a gift taken for granted. The witty posts on social sites about how all a person needs is pizza and Netflix may not be that far off for a lot of IC students.

The change from movie theaters to laptops isn’t the only aspect of entertainment that has changed of late.

Remember when movies were better than tv shows? Now I’m not so sure.


Breaking Bad. Mad Men. The Office. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Modern Family. House of Cards. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that a single random episode of these shows might be better than a two-hour multi-million dollar film. While the film industry is spewing out sequels, prequels, and remakes, the tv channels and streaming services are creating quality new stories that the people are going crazy over.

I’m currently watching six shows that are airing this season, catching up on the episodes I miss on Hulu. There are other shows that I watch that are being produced right now that I’ll watch once they come out. Besides those, there are also shows that have aired and since been cancelled or concluded that I watch occasionally on Netflix.

The amount of movies that I watch has gone down significantly. Sure, I’m still going to go see a Marvel movie in theaters or take my girlfriend on a movie date every once in a while, but the small screen has essentially won its battle against the silver screen.

Next time you’re sitting in your room wearing your pajamas and watching zombies tear people apart in The Walking Dead, just remember how far we’ve come in the last few decades.

Dan Lewis, from Mahomet, Illinois, is a junior majoring in history and political science at Illinois College. Dan is Editor-in-Chief of The Rambler and Student Body Vice-President and serves on multiple student-faculty committees.

Dan Lewis

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