What’s the Deal with Feminism?

Stephanie Pallay –

Feminism is a word that we hear quite often in today’s society, but whether or not it is a good thing can be debatable, depending on who you talk to. That’s one of the main problems with feminism though. It is surrounded by all of these negative connotations and misconceptions.

I asked Dr. Nancy Taylor Porter what she believed some of these misconceptions are, and she said, “The biggest misconception about feminism is that it is populated by a shrill, bra-burning, man-hating militants. They don’t seem to think that a woman who likes men, enjoys making herself appealing and engaging in sex, or is capable of being rational could possibly be a feminist. There’s also a misconception that we are in a post-feminist world where feminism is no longer necessary. Unfortunately, equality between the sexes is still something that needs to be addressed. On the next frontier is also the construction of gender roles, where both sexes have the freedom to construct their gender as they wish.”

Think about the insults you hear on an everyday basis. “You throw like a girl.” “Man up!” The list goes on and on. This is why we need feminism. We need feminism because I personally am tired of having to prove my worth as a female athlete. I am fed up with hearing stories of sexual assault where everyone involved says that the female was “asking for it,” and am I the only one who is tired of men being offended when we don’t want to respond to their catcalls?


Let me just clarify that it isn’t all men. There truly are a lot of genuine guys out there, but that doesn’t discount the ones who aren’t so good.

Feminism isn’t about women taking over. It’s about women getting equal treatment.  We are so tired of being overly sexualized. There is so much more to a powerful, beautiful woman than her body, and just because a woman isn’t a size 2 does not mean she is any less beautiful.  In singer Mary Lambert’s song Body Love, she says, “You are worth more than a waistline.” I think that’s so important because especially on this campus, the majority of degrading comments are about appearance.

Guys, women don’t wear yoga pants or leggings for you, so if you don’t like it, then don’t look. We don’t wear skirts or make-up to please you either.  We wear what we want because it makes us feel good and because we are comfortable in our own skin.  We are not trying to live up to these standards that the media has forced into your minds.  You shouldn’t be okay with women expecting you to be muscular, tan, and devastatingly handsome, so why do you hold us to this impossible standard?

The bottom line is that we ALL need to come together and stop promoting rape culture, stop promoting the use of inappropriate slurs, and stand together as a community which believes in equality.


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