“Shhhhhh!” Library Courtesy

Dakota Roach –

With finals just around the corner it’s no surprise that the library seems to be receiving more visitors than normal. These newcomers can be identified circling the library looking for the perfect place to spread out, or by the ungodly amount of noise they make.

library sleep

For those of us who utilize the library on a weekly basis to study or write, noise is the enemy. It is the little bringer of death to our thought process and focus. Noise in the library disrupts an otherwise harmonious place. So for the sake of those people like myself, who’s already shaky thought patterns don’t need any extra distractions, here is a little guide to what you shouldn’t do when in the library.

Do not take a phone call if you are an obnoxiously loud talker. Most people know to lower their voices in a library– it’s like instinct, scared into us by the librarians we knew in our childhood who shushed us, or those we saw the protagonist try to avoid on TV. But for some people perhaps the notion of visiting a library is a foreign experience for them altogether — coming to a world related to college life where the idea to be quiet, calm, and act civilized is, to them, absurd. Whatever the reason, loud talking and harsh, annoying ringtones, echoing throughout the library is horribly distracting to the people who are used to the calm quiet of the space to get their work done. So please, take it outside, call them back,  lower your voice, or better yet, turn your cell phone off while in the library so you can’t be distracted by it.

Do not play your music on speaker. It doesn’t matter if it’s the computers, your iPhone, iPad, android, or whatever– even if you think you have a great taste in music, the people around you do not want to hear Kesha while trying to write a paper on the effects of global warming on orchid growth. I guarantee you, they don’t. Even people who like to listen to music while they study or write will not appreciate your playing DJ for the immediate vicinity. A set of headphones allows you to jam out, or watch that ridiculous children’s movie you swore to your friends you’d never see, in the comfort of the library without disturbing anyone around you.

Do not strike up random conversations with people around you. It’s always okay to be friendly, but when your friendliness is an attempt to procrastinate on your assignment you need to stop. A simple, “Hey. How are you?” will suffice and can safely be the end to your interactions with the other person.

Don’t read aloud or talk to yourself. Few things are more annoying than sitting in the library when the person beside you suddenly begins to read a passage from a scholarly journal they’ve been laboring over aloud. It’s startling and confusing for the person beside you as they try to figure out why you are muttering about terracotta armies and Chinese emperors. Moreover, if you continue the practice, people might start to think the stress of finals and mounting papers has finally pushed you around the bend.

Don’t walk around the library calling someone’s name. Just this last Tuesday I was in the library when a boy wandered past softly calling, “Danny?” every few steps. Text your friends first, before arriving or when planning to meet and try to figure out where they are, or at least what floor they’re on.


    The library is a place to study and cram, write and read, so as the semester draws to a close if you find yourself generally guilty of any of the aforementioned habits, try to make a conscious effort to break the trend the next time you visit the library. Your fellow studying students will be grateful.


Dakota Roach, from Jacksonville, Illinois, is a sophomore majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. Dakota is a Student Ambassador, an active member of CEA and SAGE, and is a writer for The Rambler.

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