Agent Carter: Strong Female Lead

Breahna Lesemann –

Though we know the tragic fate of Peggy Carter with Alzheimer’s in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, ABC has set about to tell us what happened to Peggy after the Captain’s ship went down through the TV show Agent Carter.

Agent Carter has stayed in America to work for SSR, Strategic Scientific Reserve, fronted at a phone company. She is the only woman in her office and like many women after WWII she finds that her role has changed from what it was during wartime. She finds herself serving coffee, doing filing, and taking phone calls more than actual agent work.


However she soon has her hands full when she is recruited by Howard Stark to prove that he hasn’t committed treason by selling his inventions to the enemy. Agent Carter sets out to prove Howard Stark’s innocence all the while SSR is trying to prove his guilt. With the use of old time spy gadgets and a good set of fighting skills Agent Carter teams up with Howard Stark’s butler Jarvis who seems to be the namesake of Tony Stark’s all helpful computer.

IC student Esther Johnson shared her opinion on the show saying, “Marvel’s Agent Carter series is an extremely enjoyable show to watch, better than Agents of Shield. Agent Peggy Carter is a strong independent women without seeming like a man-hating feminist in a time when women were viewed as the lesser sex. Also I like that she does not rely on her appearance, but rather uses her fighting abilities to solve the problem.”

I was very excited for Agent Carter and I wasn’t disappointed when I watched the first episode and it has yet to disappoint with each new episode. It was a pleasure to see Peggy Carter again with her strong defiance of what should a man’s job and to meet the slightly awkward, but loyal Mr. Jarvis.

I am very interested in seeing more of the minor character as well, such as Angie Martinelli, who is a spunky waitress who works at a diner that Agent Carter regularly attends. The two of them become good friends and I suspect that Angie will gain a larger role as the series progress.

Another character I find of interest is Daniel Sousa who was injured during the war and works at SSR with Agent Carter and seems to be the only person there who thinks she is capable of being an agent perhaps because the other agents think he isn’t capable himself due to his injury.

However, despite these things the show’s ratings and viewers are slowly going down and falling into ABC’s red zone. There is speculation that the low ratings are due to having a female title.

This is disappointing though because women of the Marvel movies and tv show world are very under represented. Agent Carter is finally giving females a better representation in the Marvel movie industry. It would be a shame to see this well done show fall on the way side simply because it doesn’t follow normal conventions.

Agent Carter is Tuesday nights 9/8c on ABC and some episodes can be watched at Make sure to catch up on all of the episodes if you haven’t seen them yet and tune into the next episode of Agent Carter.

Breahna Lesemann, from Bath, Illinois, is a sophomore majoring in English Education with a minor in Theatre at Illinois College. Breahna is a writer for the The Rambler and a member of the IC concert choir.


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