Student Organization Spotlight

Art Club

The Organizational Outreach Committee (OOC) of the Student Senate is finding new, innovative ways to gain inclusion and be directly involved with the organizations on Illinois College’s campus. Therefore, the OOC has launched the Student Organization Spotlight, which highlights a specific organization, some of its history, what it stands for, and what it has planned for the future. To kick off this section for the Spring 2015 semester, I present to you the Illinois College Art Club! –Nathan A. Zimmerman, OOC Chair

Art Club is spectacular in the fact that it is all inclusive to anyone and everyone willing to try and make a difference in the fine arts community of both the campus and the Jacksonville community. This can involve things such as volunteering service hours to the Imagine Foundation, providing support to any and all campus fine arts activities, and attempting to build a database of understanding between the student body and the concept that everyone is creative somehow some way, unless they are an alien. All stick figures welcome, it doesn’t matter, stick figures are important. That’s not even what art club is about. We don’t do “art” in art club. Sometimes, we throw darts at paint balloons or make small things to sell at the monthly gallery hop in downtown Jacksonville. The point is to offer your own skills to the group as well as participate in team-work oriented projects of service and leadership.  P.S- We want to be bff’s with the science department.

Art Club is very excited to announce that we are planning on hosting an art fair for the entire campus to enjoy, coming up THIS SPRING! Fingers crossed that such an event will be accepted by the powers that be.  In more recent news, hand-screen printed art club t-shirts will be distributed to those that bought them at the end of last semester! Keep your eyes peeled for these cool t’s and even look out for the next opportunity you can have to attain one! That’s not all, Art Club will be collaborating with other clubs on campus to make t-shirts for their organizations as well.

Overall. Art Club has been climbing uphill for a while; however we hope that in the years to come there will be more of an obvious presence of this club on campus.  The arts are becoming more relevant in the world we live in and to ignore them may result in inefficiency. We are always open to new members and are happy to answer any questions!” —Sarah Adcock, Art Club President and Clare Frachey, Art Club Vice-President

Contact Sarah or Clare if you are interested in Art Club or have questions or comments. Also, whereas the Rambler only comes out every other week and we simply cannot spotlight all organizations at once, please email the OOC at to receive the paper to fill out to be considered for spotlight! This is an especially useful means to advertise a large event!

Nathan A. Zimmerman, from Mt. Sterling, Illinois, is a junior majoring in Finance and Economics with a minor in Political Science. Nathan is the Organizational Outreach Chair of the Student Senate, the President of the Warren O. Billhartz Investment Club, as well as an active member of Enactus. Nathan is a features and opinions writer for The Rambler.

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