10th Annual International Photo Contest

Breahna Lesemann –

The International Photo Contest, held by the Illinois College Study Abroad Office, is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year. The contest is for students, faculty, and staff to send in photos that they have taken in other countries.

The Study Abroad Office is setting up the panel of judges. IC student Leilani-Jade Pecher received the all the emailed submissions and sent out the campus announcements about the contest. She has played a major part in organizing the contest this year.

Each contestant could submit up to ten photos, which is higher than previous year’s limit of five. Along with the photo the contestants were asked to fill out a form stating where the picture was taken and what meaning it had to them.

Each photo will be judged by a panel comprised of students and faculty members. Each picture will be given a score from one to ten for the artist quality and pleasing aesthetic. After giving the scores on the pictures themselves, the stories corresponding with the photos will be read and factored in to help determine the winners.

There will be three winners and each will win a cash prize. Although the contestants could send in multiple photos, each contestant can only win one prize. Along with a cash prize, the winners will have their photos displayed around Baxter Hall and the IC website on the Study Abroad page.

“Our idea [to place the photos in] Baxter is because they already have pictures hanging around, but they don’t have any description on them,” Pecher said. The Study Abroad Office is planning to display the pictures in Baxter with descriptions of who took the picture and where it was taken.

This should add a nice personal touch to the campus. Though the pictures in Baxter are good, intriguing pictures, they don’t have much meaning to the people at IC. Having pictures on display taken by the faculty and staff gives them more meaning than pictures that were simply purchased only for decoration. The winners will be sure to have smiles on their faces whenever they pass their pictures on the walls. Once they are on display be sure to take a peek to who created the new artwork hanging the wall.

This year there was a total of thirteen contestants. Two of these contestants only submitted one photograph, but the rest of the contestants submitted up to ten. The judges will have a significant pool to choose from, and all the pictures are said to be good. The judges certainly have their work cut out for them when choosing the winners.

The photos have not been judged yet, but we will know the winners within two to three weeks. The judges need to be contacted and a spreadsheet of all of the contestants made. The judging will take place whenever is convenient for the judges. They will come into the Study Abroad Office, write down the scores, and the points will be tallied to determine the winners.

The Study Abroad Office also plans to put the contestants’ photographs onto the Study Abroad and Breakaway section of the IC website. The current photos are from five years ago and the pictures are in need of an update.

Be sure to look in the Rambler for a follow up article with interviews from the contest winners.


Breahna Lesemann, from Bath, Illinois, is a sophomore majoring in English Education with a minor in Theatre at Illinois College. Breahna is a writer for the The Rambler and a member of the IC concert choir.


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