Horoscope (February 16)

Lex Smith & Ben Wedeking –

Aries: You might want to volunteer this month at the goat farm.

Taurus: Be the change you want to see in your piggy bank.

Gemini: Cheese is your enemy.

Cancer: You are past due for another movie binge.

Leo: Your anaconda just don’t.

Virgo: Your Valentine’s Day shenanigans may come back to haunt you.

Libra: Weigh out your choices. Preferably in grams.

Scorpio: Let it all go and burn your grudge list.

Sagittarius: If you want a rocking body for Spring break, do some squats.

Capricorn: You might want to hang around with an Aries this month.

Aquarius: Consider learning about gardening.

Pisces: All it takes is one good look in the mirror.


Lex Smith, from Beardstown, Illinois, is a junior majoring in physics and chemistry. Lex is the treasurer and official horoscope-creator of The Rambler.

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