Jeff Regan and the New Public Safety Department

Andy Lewis –

For the students who don’t already know who he is, Mr. Jeff Regan is the new head of public safety (formerly known as Campus Security) here at Illinois College.

Jeffery Regan From IC Website

It became quickly apparent in an interview with him that he is a perfect fit; Illinois College is a liberal arts school which is all about teaching its students a variety of skills and experiences to prepare them to be successful anywhere. And, simply put, Regan has been around the block.

Jeff Regan graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration in Justice. In ‘82, he joined the Army Guard. Regan then served in the military for 23 years in both active duty and in the reserves. During that time, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was a battalion commander.

Regan has also received a Master’s Degree in Political Studies from the University of Illinois Springfield and is currently in the process of attaining a Doctorate.

Some of his other work includes being a police officer, a detective, the Homeland Security Contractor for the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) and working in Afghanistan for a year in Police Investigations.

Recently, Regan has been the Interim Executive Director for the American Red Cross in Springfield, a candidate for Sheriff of Sangamon County in 2014, and now Illinois College’s Director of Public Safety. This list of Regan’s careers and education is not presumed to be all-inclusive, just a shallow summary of his many experiences.

After running for Sheriff in Sangamon County, Regan heard about the IC position from a local alderman. He then applied for the position, was hired, and has been here since mid-January. Regan surmised that his diverse background and many experiences on his resume is probably what drew President Farley’s attention to him. He believes that Farley thought he would be a good fit for IC in this transition from ‘Security’ to ‘Public Safety.’

When asked what students could expect from the change to the ‘Public Safety Department,’ Regan replied: “Well, you can probably expect to see some cosmetic changes at first.” First of all, the uniforms will be different and will now read ‘Public Safety.’ The website will also be updated and the department’s car is different. According to him, the old one was “a bit outdated.”

public safety By Adam Enz

Regan is also hopeful that a purchase of new hard-sided, roofed golf cart is approved to help improve mobility around the campus. He also said that students will hopefully see and participate in a better line of communication between them and the department. He has already spoken with the RA’s and wants students to be involved in policy to help make IC a safer place.

Regan mentioned that he wants the department to evolve from just a “security function.” He elaborated saying that he wants it to become an “All-hazards capable department” for “not if, but when” an incident should occur.

So far, Regan has been largely preoccupied with policies (he says he has already worked on updating around 27 or 28 of them) and creating a new Emergency Operation Plan. As part of the new policy, he hopes that students and local Law Enforcement will be more involved.

An example of this has already been demonstrated this semester as the Fire Department was on campus during a fire drill; familiarity with the campus will improve their preparedness. In the near future, the members of the department will begin being trained for the National Incident Management System (NIMS) requirements and will become “even more professional and prepared.”

Jeff says that he is happy to be working here and is looking forward to being a part of the Illinois College community. He is excited at the prospect of doing this at a small campus where he will get to interact with students more personally, and he hopes to be able to develop “first name relationships” with some of the students.

He has an “open-door policy” and welcomes any questions or ideas that come his way. His office is located in the facilities building and his office extension is 0349.


Andy Lewis, from Biggsville, Illinois, is a freshman who is undeclared but planning on majoring in English with a Secondary Education concentration at Illinois College. Andy is an active member of Tomorrow’s Teachers and writer for The Rambler.


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