Poet’s Corner (March 3)

Marineth Sierra –

The clock keeps ticking, days are coming down

Spring is near, and we are almost out.

Back to sunny weather, and the flowers bloom

Saying good-bye to the snow, which we didn’t think would end soon.

I cannot wait to see the green, green, grass,

And the squirrels that run across it enticingly fast.

Gathering around with all my friends,

Nights grow longer with no sight of the end.

The sun’s rays bounce off my skin,

Leaving little red marks that show where I’ve been.

Playing volleyball on the warm sand,

And building castles with my bear hands,

Nothing feels better than the sound of joyful chants.

With bright lights and tall buildings, I watch them with pity

I cannot wait to return to my city.

But for now I must walk in my snow covered boots,

As I make my last snowballs and snow angels too,

Hoping that spring break would come pretty soon.


Marineth Sierra, from Miami, Florida, is a freshman majoring in Mass Communications with a Sociology minor. Marineth is involved in Student Activities Board, writer for The Rambler, member of the cheerleading squad, and a 2018 senator for Student Senate, along with being a member of several other clubs.


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