Tub Troubles: Hot Tub Still Under Repair

Justin Ketcham –

Broken since August of 2014, the school’s hot tub has seemingly been a disregarded issue for quite some time now. Although the student body has been told that the issue would be resolved “two weeks” after the original incident, it appears that the hot tub is now in the final stages of being repaired− awaiting its chance to be filled with cold and impatient students.

Although many students may be aware that the original cause of the hot tub being unusable was a broken motor, they are not aware why a broken motor has caused six months of trouble for both the company fixing it and the school.

While it may appear as though the school has been neglecting this issue because they see it as unimportant, this is not the case, and their actions can be explained through a series of malfunctions with the tub that the school was not expecting.

In an interview with Malinda Carlson, Dean of Students, she chronologically explained the problems that both the school and motor shop faced in fixing the tub. “After the motor shop got into [the motor], they realized that it needed more work that they couldn’t do, and so it was sent to a machine shop”, says Carlson. “The College now has the motor.”

However, the motor isn’t the only thing causing problems in Coultas Natatorium.

When facilities finished installing the new motor, the next step was to fill up the tub. Despite having a working motor, when the tub was filled, it began to leak. The seals that had been neglected for six months on the hot tub were no longer in working condition, so the school had to order new ones.

According to Dean Carlson, “the seals are now here.” So why isn’t the coveted hot tub fixed yet?

In the time that all of these things were happening, the sensor in the school’s pool went bad− forcing the school to use the sensor from the unusable hot tub in order to keep the pool open.

“The College took the sensor from the hot tub, since the hot tub was not in use, to fix the pool”, Carlson stated. However, she also made it clear that a new sensor has been ordered and should be arriving on campus and installed any day. Al Dillow from facilities also told the Dean that “the repair will be a high priority” once the sensor arrives.

So should we plan on soaking in the warm water in the days leading up to spring break? Many students may be skeptical that this is a possibility, which is, in part, due to the lack of communication facilities has had with the student body over the course of this issue. However, in light of the new information, students may be breaking in their new swim suits either before heading home for break, or shortly after they return.


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