20 Ways You Know You Grew Up In Central Illinois

Dylan Howard –

  1. The coolest place you went to growing up was Chicago…and it wasn’t that great.
  2. You know someone who’s graduating class was less than 30.
  3. You see your grandparents at least once a month, usually more.
  4. It’s 78 degrees outside…and still hot.
  5. You can fall asleep in a car looking at cornfields and wake up still looking at cornfields.
  6. During the summer, there’s a fair nearby every other weekend.
  7. Having a job that’s 30 miles away isn’t uncommon.
  8. Applebee’s is considered fancy.
  9. I know I mentioned corn earlier, but seriously…so much corn.
  10. You could be on your high school’s athletic team no matter how bad you were.
  11. Watching fireworks on the 4th of July is the most exciting thing to do in the summer.
  12. The nearest mall is where all the cool kids hang out.
  13. All you ever talk about is how much you want to leave the state…but never do.
  14. Country music is more sacred than any religion.
  15. Playing outside as a kid resulted in at least three near-death experiences.
  16. You either are, or are related to, someone who is completely redneck.
  17. Knowing if someone is a Cardinals or Cubs fan is more important than their criminal record.
  18. A foot of snow is considered driving weather.
  19. The first thing you ask someone who just moved in is “What were you thinking?”
  20. You’ve heard of Illinois College.


Dylan Howard, from Jacksonville, Illinois is a sophomore who is (unfortunately) still undecided on a major. I was born young in 1993 and am the fifth of six children. I am on IC’s indoor and outdoor track team and write “The Rambler Rant”! If you want any interviews or autographs, you’ll have to talk to my secretary.


13 thoughts on “20 Ways You Know You Grew Up In Central Illinois

  1. where is “Illinois College”? I live in A college town where there are 3 universities and a community college; none of which are “Illinois College”

  2. I laughed because I can relate to all of these! I would like to know where Noah grew up and wasn’t surrounded by corn in Central Illinois. I have lived in Virginia, Carterville, Irvington, Elkville, and Centralia, Illinois and I’m pretty sure there is corn or soybeans everywhere.

  3. I grew up in IL and Chicago was the least interesting place I visited! A bunch of these aren’t true for me, but the corn is so true!!

  4. Illinois College is an AWESOME school! But if anyone thinks Chicago is NOT interesting, you aren’t trying hard enough…

  5. #1 & #12 are the only ones not true & that’s because I never visited Chicago & there wasn’t a mall close enough to hang out. Malls were a special all day trip lol

  6. This is so true. Growing up in a little river town in Henderson County the most exciting trip I had was Minneapolis growing up. But Chicago was a trip we went to for school and it wasn’t that exciting. I would have rather went to the Q.C.

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