10 Signs You’re in College and Ready for Summer

Leilani-Jade Pecher –

1)      You have a countdown.

-Either you have the exact number of days in mind or written down somewhere. You know you’re ready for summer when you even count the weekend days. Just __ days left…

2)      You’re stressed to the max.

-Oh yeah, it’s that time of year. Finals, projects and exams, oh my!

Don’t forget to write things down, get plenty of rest, and above all, try not to procrastinate!!!

3)      You’ve said either one or more of these phrases:

“I just can’t.”

“I’m done.”

“Can I go home??”

“Waiting for summer…”

4)      You started working out again.

-When that “Summer Body” New Year’s Resolution becomes an actual goal again.

(Because we all knew it wasn’t going to last from January until summer).

5)      You’ve had a breakup and/or your friends are going through breakups.

*Starts singing “Summer Nights” from Grease in head.*


6)      You’ve come up with summer to-do lists.

-Whether it’s watching that Walking Dead marathon on Netflix or even reading those books you always thought about reading. Maybe you’re going to be traveling, or spending time with loved ones, those summer to-do lists started becoming more important than if you checked your syllabus lately… (Be careful about that!)

7)      You’ve called your loved ones constantly the past few weeks.

-Everyday you begin your conversations with mom/dad/best friend: “…I miss you and wanna go home already.”

8)      You believe this semester is already over, or at least should be.

-But you’ve come to terms that school just doesn’t agree with this thought. They’ll just miss us too much?

9)      You have a couple of ULTIMATE goals for the summer planned.

-Working on that internship or getting a tan? Seems legit.

10)   Last but not least…

After reading this you’ll only think about summer until it’s time to go to class.

Keep Calm and Summer Thoughts On!


Leilani-Jade Pecher, from Lakewood, Wash. is a sophomore double-majoring in Communications and Management and Organizational Leadership. Leilani is the Director of PR & Advertising and writer for The Rambler. She is the Vice-President for the Coalition for Ethnic Awareness, PR for Enactus, and a member of several clubs.

Leilani Pecher


2 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re in College and Ready for Summer

  1. !High Lani ! Super Text ! Summer Night ! Tell me why ,tell me why! My Favorit song ! We danced the whole night1 All formations ! yes the 80 is had been beautifull!

  2. I am nosy !!! Ha,ha ! I am nosy what will follow ! Remember: When I was young we loved Summer Nights so much ! So we do today ! Summer Nights in Germany are great ! By ! See you in 5 weeks ! Lets Dance and rock !

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