50% Accurate Horoscope (April 21)

Lex Smith & Ben Wedeking –

Aries: This summer will be a good one to take flight and spread your fire.

Taurus: Break your cage and let loose to find new horizons.

Gemini: Make it through the bumps and bruises to claim your foothold and take your vision to the next level.

Cancer: It is time to push onward to fulfill your career goals.

Leo: Luck will be on your side this summer. Embrace the joyous moments that follow.

Virgo: Patience will reward you as the summer progresses.

Libra: Now is the time to balance your priorities so you can kickstart your future.

Scorpio: Instead of feeling like a ghost in your life, you will transform to greatness. Embrace change and transformation.

Sagittarius: This summer, shed your layers and release your inhibitions.

Capricorn: Your lessons on resourcefulness, deep feeling, and letting go will reap their rewards this summer.

Aquarius: Even though you feel as if you’ve been beaten down, now is the time to rise.

Pisces: Relationships are going to be the highlight of your summer. Do the work to set the foundations for them to make them lasting.


Lex Smith, from Beardstown, Illinois, is a junior majoring in physics and chemistry. Lex is the treasurer and official horoscope-creator of The Rambler.


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