Basically BASIC

Emily Pacini –

Have you ever heard someone say to you that they are going to BASIC or heard of an event sponsored by BASIC? You probably thought ‘what are they all about?’

Well, BASIC, or Brothers And Sisters IChrist, is one of several religious groups on campus. Founded originally for the Southern Baptist population on campus, we have grown to be a haven for many denominations of Christianity.

Our mission is that we are “Students changed by Jesus Christ to share His Life and Love with others.” We delight in spreading the Gospel through fellowship among other Christians as well as the community and the campus. We have regularly participated in service events such as Relay for Life and the Walk for Water.

At the beginning of each year, we sponsor a prayer walk. This means we go around to all the buildings throughout campus and pray over the students and faculty to have a blessed year. We have also sponsored a child from Compassion International, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to care for children who do not receive sufficient care.

Besides service, we participate in a variety of different events, such as Winter Jam and tobyMac. Throughout the year, we have fellowship events at the chapel which include: bonfires, movie nights, and game nights. Our group is comprised of six officers that lead messages every Monday at 9:00 pm. Each officer has a set job in order to create an environment of spiritual growth as well as understanding of God’s plan for individuals.

The President, Chris Miller, and Vice President, Alec Bartz, are the main spiritual and administrative leaders of the group and are responsible for overseeing the group as a whole. The Secretary, Ashley Bailey, records what happens at every meeting as well as keeps track of membership. She is also in charge of advertising weekly meetings and events sponsored by us. The Treasurer, Zach Thomson, keeps track of the financial stability of the group as well as cooperating with Student Senate in order to maintain the regulations given to BASIC.

The Public Relations officer, Dakota Lammy, assists with giving messages that take place at the meetings. The Worship Leader, Emily Pacini, leads the group in music in devotion to God at the meeting. However, officer positions are not the only important roles within BASIC.

As members of this group, we have a greater goal on this campus to love and spread the amazing miracle of God’s sacrifice and love for us. This means that we encourage our members through our messages every week that we can be greater academically and personally.

Would like to know more about us? Please attend our weekly meetings! If you do not want to come alone, bring a friend! We promise we will not bite and hit you in the head with a Bible.  If you are unable to make our meetings, you can also contact us by emailing BASIC at We are always willing to discuss God’s Word and talk about what this organization is all about.


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