New Communications Professors

Emily Hawkins –

In the Fall semester of 2015, Illinois College will not only have a new communications professor, Nick Sciullo, but a professor who is experienced enough in the art of debate and communication to assist in forming a debate team for our student body.

Sciullo received his B.A. in History, Urban Practice and Policy, Rhetoric and Communication Studies from the University of Richmond, his law degree from West Virginia College of Law in 2006, and is currently enrolled at Georgia State University, where he will graduate with his PhD this semester. In addition to his studies, Sciullo is also a teaching assistant and helps out with GSU’s debate team, making him a well-qualified choice for us here at IC.

To join the team, students will need to take COM 252 (Comparative Debate and Forensics). According to Professor Hacker-Daniels, Communications Chair and an active member in the convocation program, there are ten spaces available for students so far, but it is up to Sciullo to set a cap for the debate team. His office will be on the top floor of Crispin and will not only be customized to his needs, but to the debate team’s as well.

In addition to the debate team, Sciullo will also be teaching a 300-level course (Argumentation and Debate) in which students will need to have taken a public speaking course prior to enrolling in this course. The course will be offered in spring 2016.

Sciullo will also be instrumental in assisting Hacker-Daniels with Free Speech Week, an event held on campus that is not widely talked about, but is hugely important. Hacker-Daniels recently received a personal email from the members of asking to feature Illinois College on their “activities in the spotlight” tab. IC is one of only five institutions in the country to be featured on this site, along with one other university and one other college (Yale University and North Central College).

Hacker-Daniels says “It’s such a huge honor to be featured on their website. And to get a personalized email, no less! Free Speech Week is such an important week for us.” Hacker-Daniels and the faculty members in the communications and rhetorical studies department put a lot of work into this event, and having another competent member will help tremendously.

To check out more information on Free Speech Week, visit

Sciullo will be visiting campus April 24 to meet with Director of Admissions Evan Wilson, President Farley, and the Board of Trustees, who were extremely instrumental in establishing his position at IC. Dr. Oldenburg’s Argumentation and Debate class will receive a visit from Sciullo, no doubt to talk about his upcoming role here at IC.

IC will also welcome Zachary Goldman to IC next year, Goldman finishing up his PhD from West Virginia University. Mr. Goldman received his B.S. in Communication Studies from the University of Southern Indiana, his M.A. in Communication Studies from West Virginia University.

Goldman will teach courses in organizational communication, business communication, and research methods.


Emily Hawkins, from Belvidere, Illinois, is a senior majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration with a Psychology minor. Emily is a Features Co-editor and writer for The Rambler, and plays softball.


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