Goodbye Tressman: Beloved Blueboy Moves Across Town

TressmanJessica Sanders –

News broke near the start of the school year that student-favorite staff member Tressman Goode is no longer a member of the Illinois College Admission team; he has moved across town to the MacMurray Highlanders, where he accepted the position of Associate Director of Admission.

Though we have lost Mr. Goode to MacMurray, he has gained a higher position in the transition. Goode was best known for attending events at IC and taking what he called “Tressman Selfies.” There are 382 pictures on Instagram with the hashtag “Tressman” and he has already continued the tradition at MacMurray.

After talking with several students and staff, they are wishing him the best, and will miss him very much.

Sophomore Hannah Hawkins, one of Goode’s former advises, says “I hadn’t known he was going to MacMurray, but he seems to be enjoying himself. He at least stays in touch with the Illinois College campus and students.”

Director of Admissions Evan Wilson had nothing but kind words to say about his fellow co-worker, “Tressman was a stalwart member our Admission team for six years. His energetic presence will definitely be missed. That said, anytime someone has the opportunity to advance in their career, you have to be happy for them. We wish him the best at MacMurray and are thankful for his service to IC.”  

Dakota Roach, a student ambassador who worked with Goode, said “He brought a positivity along with his passion to work everyday and that really made him stand out. He was concerned with the best possible outcome for the students above all. Tressman was always smiling and laughing. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about him from other students, and he will be and is missed already.”

Sophomore Kristen Wiley said “I know that I am really missing seeing his smiling face around campus. I have talked with so many others who have said how much he has helped the IC community.  He went way beyond his job and took the effort to connect with the students here and to make them feel comfortable. […] I feel like I can speak for many people in wishing him the best of luck.  With his talented skills and warm personality, I know that he is capable of achieving even greater things.”

Goode said that he was shocked by the amount of students, current and former, who have reached out to him since he has gone to MacMurray; they are all supportive of his decision.

Since starting his new job at Mac, Goode believes that the two schools should work together more to make a stronger Jacksonville.

He says, “Both schools depend on each other’s success more than one may realize.” Perhaps IC can work towards this in the future?

When asked if he will ever return to IC, Goode said he will not be coming back anytime soon because he needs to transition into his new position at the new school. He is proud to be a Highlander.

A big question we are all wondering, is what is Goode going to do with all of those blue shirts?

He says “I definitely have a lot of True Blue shirts. At this time, I am not sure what I am going to do with them. You probably won’t see me wearing one anytime soon, at least in public.”

Tressman Goode has been a big part of this campus for the last six years, and he will definitely be missed. We here at The Rambler wish him the best on this new journey and hope to see him on campus rooting on the Blueboys in the future.

Goode has one final bit of advice for his IC students, “Always show pride and support to your Alma Mater. If you truly care and love your college, you will never put it in a negative situation. Your actions create a direct impact on its future. A simple post can cause a negative reaction. Cherish your Alma Mater as it is your family. Remember, Once True Blue, Forever True Blue.”

Jessica Sanders, from Woodstock, Illinois, is a sophomore majoring in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. Jessica is a member of the IC choir and is a writer for The Rambler.

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