The Return of True Blue Radio

Noah Yantis –

Across college campuses nationwide, there seems to be one mainstay in regards to communications: A radio show. Even small community colleges in Illinois like Lake Land and Parkland have radio stations with their own frequency on the air waves.

What is the one thing that Illinois College currently lacks? A radio station.

I was approached by staff members of the Marketing Department about revitalizing the True Blue Radio station in order to help market the college and give the campus a station they deserved. They said that campus support at the time is not high, members could be hard to find, and it will take lots of extra work.

So, I accepted.

By the time this article has printed, True Blue Radio will have had its first meeting. But, we are just getting started. Members must be found, sponsorships need to be acquired, and a show has to be produced.

The station will be run through an online station called “Live 365 Radio,” a free FM radio where anyone can search a station, plug-in headphones or an aux cord, and be able to tune in. “Live 365” is available via desktop website and mobile app to increase listeners. The eventual goal is to have a section on the IC App, IC website, and even plastered around town where IC advertisements are located.

But many people have approached me and asked the simple question of why would I try to restart a failed organization. The answer is simple: I’m different.

I believe that this campus deserves a radio station that plays wide varieties of music non-stop with talk shows about sports, politics, campus news, etc. The possibilities are endless. Eventually, all sporting events, even the ones that get no love, can get live broadcasted, and maybe one day we can reach an actual FM frequency. If this takes off like I know it can, with support of the Marketing Department and the administration, we may one day see IC launch a Broadcasting major in the Communications department,

Also, there is a possibility in an increase in enrollment because radio station on college campuses draw more people than they push away. Internship opportunities could be set up, and students could even be paid to be a broadcaster of True Blue Radio.

But first, we have to start small.

In the beginning, we will probably have less than ten members, broadcast music for only three to five hours a day, and have little support, but that is okay. Every organization starts small, and I envision an IC where True Blue Radio joins Student Senate, SAB, The Rambler, and PHE as the five biggest campus organizations. But for now, people have to roll the dice on us, because starting a station is no easy challenge. At first we will be small, but do not worry, we will be large in size by the end of 2016. So, take a chance on us. Because we are not the old failed radio club. We will be bigger and better in time,

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Noah Yantis, from Arthur, Illinois, is a sophomore majoring in History with a minor in Political Science and Communication and Rhetorical Studies. Noah is Treasurer and Features Editor of The Rambler and Public Relations Chairman of Student Senate.


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