The Transition

Faith Izevbigie – 

Education is the key to success, but in order to accomplish this success you must put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

An essential step that is required for any student who wants to acquire a higher education is graduating high school and going to college. Going to college is more than just ‘going back to another school.’ The departure is a significant milestone in the life of a family and ushers in a period of transition, requiring an adjustment on the part of the college students.

Once in college, students are faced with adjusting to an array of new experiences. Last year I experienced some challenges as a high school graduate transitioning to college life. These challenges made me appreciate the famous quote, “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.”

Many new college students enter college misinformed about how to succeed academically in a college environment. The differences between high school and college academics environments can be significant. So I decided to interview some first-year students and international students at Illinois College this fall semester to hear their perspective on how they are coping with the transition to a more independent life of college.

One of the students I interviewed was Michael Hightower, a freshman from Lancaster, California who graduated from Eastside High school. Michael described his high school as “a huge school with a graduating class of approximately 650 students” which in comparison to Illinois College it is quite different. Michael says that he is not affected in anyway of the size of Illinois College but rather it has been beneficial for him. He has been transitioning to Illinois College with ease but one of the challenges he has encountered so far he describe is “lots of writing assignment” because he is much better with numbers. But so far so good, Michael stated that through all of his hard work, he believe that Illinois College is going to open doors for him to walk into a highly professional career.

Furthermore, Illinois College is a liberal art college that is highly diverse with students from various parts of the world. After interviewing students from this country, I decided to get an insight from international students on their transition to Illinois College. Transitioning from high school to college already has its challenges. Imagine having to transition from high school to be introduced to college in another country other than your own.

The student I interviewed was Corey Korieyinina, a freshman from Nigeria who graduated from Adesoye College. Corey gave me an insights on his independent college experience so far, stating that in comparison to his high school, IC is much smaller. Although, his transitioning experience to IC has been going great because he consider IC “more advanced technologically” from what he is normally used to but due to computer science training he has acquired. He is able to expand his knowledge base and confidence in his academics. Corey might be thousand miles from home but he describes Illinois College as is second home.   

No matter if you are a First-Year, transfer student, or a sophomore like me, just know you are not alone. IC can be your home away from home. Stay True.

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