‘Age of Adaline’ Movie Review

Adam Enz –

Some films are ageless and can’t be forgotten. Age of Adaline is a film about an ageless character thrown into a story about learning, love, and change. While this film is certainly not ageless and unforgettable, it sure tries to be.

Whether you want to risk committing two hours to watch this story unfold is up to your discretion. I am not a big romantic movie fan, but this film was definitely more manageable than The Notebook or Titanic.

Though I personally did not like this film, I will give it due credit for not being lazy. It worked hard to avoid the basic pitfalls I feel most romantic movies seemingly fall into. From the get go, the story draws you in with some convincing pseudoscience that makes it almost believable that the main character, who is 106, looks 27. Also, there are only a few two dimensional side characters as opposed to the usual horde we get with the average romantic comedy. You know, the one’s that detract from the movie by over simplifying the scenes and story.

I do enjoy that the story was not structured on the whole “She does not age!” gimmick. Much like the beginning of PIXAR’s Up, the background of what is going on is masterfully explained in less than five minutes. So, we do not have to see all the people Adaline knows age on without her, but we get the sense of what she must be going through. This frees up the next two hours for exploring the unknown consequences of living generations longer than she should. At the beginning of the film, there were moments I actually had a feeling of not know what was going to happen and wanting to find out.

But sadly, it was a fleeting feeling, and did not take long for a familiar storyline to form. Guy meets girl, guy changes girl, and so on. Luckily just before it is too late Age of Adaline throws the audiences two bones. A fascinating dynamic between son, father, and the main character who, at different generation loved both of them, and Harrison Ford enters the film as said father. So really it’s more like a bone and a really juicy stake, and no matter how many times you may have had stake you can also have it again. Even though he has been on the Hollywood grill for decades he still brings the classic Star Wars or Indiana Jones taste.

It is here, with the arrival of another great talent, that the movie ventures into a dynamic love triangle that plucks some unusual heart strings. We are asked to feel sorry that Adaline skipped out on Harrison Ford, but should Harrison still love his long lost muse even after a 40 year of marriage to someone else? This funky agelessness adds a rare dimension of time that turns the triangle it into a love pyramid. It raises the question of, “What does love mean after it’s been gone for years?”

Ultimately, the movie is predictable and that always leaves me feeling empty, but if you, like a good friend of mine, can appreciate the journey a romantic movie takes you on even though the destination is the same every time, it might be worth watching. It would definitely be better to watch Age of Adaline rather than so many other films of this genre that have seemingly given up on creativity.

Adam E. Enz, from South Jacksonville, Illinois is a junior majoring in Communication and Women & Gender Studies. Adam is the Photo Editor for the Rambler. Adam has enjoyed running for IC Cross Country the last few years as well as working for the IC Archives.


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