Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra Begins 53rd Season

Michael Shereda –

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra began its fifty-third season on Saturday, October 3 with a spectacular concert at Rammelkamp Chapel.

The concert included pieces by Aaron Copland and Johannes Brahms, among others. The program also included two guest musicians, euphoniumist Gabriel Hart and percussionist Luke Rinderknecht, both of whom showcased their talents further in encore performances. The concert also carried special significance for Dr. Garrett Allman, conductor of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. The occasion marked the beginning of Allman’s thirty-fifth season leading the ensemble.

This season is themed “Connections,” and each concert will be linked to this theme. According to sophomore Squire Prince, who attended the first concert, the orchestra exemplifies connections through music. “They play music from different places, different genres, not just classical. They don’t stay in one realm. They bring together other realms and show how they are similar.”

One slightly disappointing aspect of the premiere concert was a lack of Illinois College students in the audience. “I understand that everybody has their preferences,” Prince says, “but students should broaden their horizons and try different genres. Classical music is not just what we perceive it to be.”

What can IC students expect to learn from attending the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra? Prince says that they will gain a new appreciation for classical music, and will see that it is an exhilarating and suspenseful educational experience of a college career. “Classical music is not what you think it is,” he added.

All orchestra concerts are free for Illinois College students. The next event of the season will be the Halloween Concert, an event that is always very popular in the Jacksonville community. On October 31 in Rammelkamp Chapel, the orchestra will perform a wide selection of familiar and frightening works. Everyone is encouraged to show up in their favorite costume.

This promises to be a wonderful experience!


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