New Professors at IC: three fresh faces

Audrey Clayton –

This Fall semester, Illinois College welcomes three new professors in two departments on campus.

Dr. Zach Goldman, Dr. Nick Scuillo, and Dr. Alonzo Ward have been on campus for a month now, and, like everyone else, are starting to settle into their routines. Each of them has brought with them their own unique backgrounds and experiences that allow them to mold well to the campus on the Hilltop.

912(oldman.Zachary)Dr. Zach Goldman is a new professor in the Communications and Rhetorical Studies department. Originally from Evansville, Indiana, Professor Goldman earned his Bachelor degree at the University of Southern Indiana. After that, Dr. Goldman went on to earn his MA and Ph.D. from West Virginia University, where he recently finished grad school.

Professor Goldman is currently teaching Organizational Communication, Business Communication, and Speech Fundamentals. Goldman has found the students and staff here at Illinois College to be welcoming and loves working with them, and enjoys his time in Jacksonville.

923(ciullo.Nick)Also joining the Communication and Rhetorical Studies department is Dr. Sciullo. Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Professor Sciullo is teaching Speech Fundamentals and Argumentation and Debate. He is also teaching COM 252, which is a practical course for those participating on the newly-revived debate team that he is the director of.

Professor Sciullo’s higher education background is impressive, with a  BA from the University of Richmond, a MA from Troy University, a JD from West Virginia University, and a Ph.D. from Georgia State University.

Sciullo also believes that at IC, “We live in the liberal arts tradition rather than pay it lip service.” He sees that IC and its students take pride in their school and its historic background is alive and well on campus.

926(ard.Alonzo)Finally, Dr. Alonzo Ward is the newest member of the History department. Ward is originally from Chicago and attended the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. He is currently teaching African History, Urban American History, and Gilded Age History.

On campus, Ward finds that the students have been engaged and hard-working. After living in Chicago, he says the pace of life here in Jacksonville is refreshing and not anything like what he thought it would be, which was, in his words, “a quiet rural enclave.”

Illinois College welcomes these new professors with open arms, adding to departments that still hold a large place on this campus. Unfortunately, Illinois College also saw the departure of various professors, including professors Betsy Hall and Linda Cochran, along with visiting professor Heather Yates and librarian Mike Westbrook.

Audrey Clayton, from Manchester, Illinois, is a junior majoring in Communications. Audrey is a writer for The Rambler.


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