Poet’s Corner (October 20, 2015)

When we talk about love I always like to see

Some old school back in the day

Mom pop purity.

It’s nothing you can force

Its only grows naturally

Like the eye of a hurricane

Surrounded by cacophony

The noise of all the others

Say its not with the time to be

Confided within another

To move along carefully

Be weary of the signs to be

NO! cause love belongs to

Two: yourself and who?

To find someone

Stay strong

And stand through it all

In the Eye of it all is the gate way

To The Soul.

Our family our friends

Our lovers Unite us

Because (cause) that’s what love is

Acceptance abundance

To judge us? On none of it

We love to love

Man I love to love

Even when it hurts

Back up when it hurts

Those who love you will stand through it all

And its beautiful

He, she to you man they’re beeautuil

Man love is beautiful

Underneath the stars is more than physical

Its science proved addictable     

by Max Valdez

Staring at Apples and Pumpkins

The pumpkins becomes spice flavored

Coffee in the bitter cold

Green leaves turn dark and crisp

As the apples are made into jam

And pie before the night is over

Staring into the autumn sky

by Alexis Ogunmokun


As I sit listening to the drone of his voice,

I am taken to a place where I have a choice.

A choice to leave. A choice to stay.

I no longer just have to lay.

Getting up off my knees, I stand.

For the first time I don’t fear his hand.

To the world, you portrayed yourself an angel.

They don’t realize how much they’ve got it tangled.

Everything about you pulled me in,

And trapped my heart as more than a friend.

I fell hard. I fell fast.

I truly thought that we would last.

Your words cut deep like a knife into a steak.

You push and you push until I break.

Your voice is hard, your voice is cold.

Your tongue drips with all the lies you’ve told.

Your smile is enticing, yet wicked.

Behind it hides all the words you’ve twisted.

Condescending words and insults in your mind.

You throw them at me to keep me confined.

The gray of your eyes, an endless hole.

They convey the blackness in your soul.

In them I see,

All the wrong you did to me.

You stand strong and tall.

Seeming as though you have it all,

But inside you are just as broken as I.

The drugs and the alcohol your only escape from time.

I know I’m not perfect. That is clearly true.

I realize that sometimes I may have hurt you.

You had control. You took me down.

I often times wished you would drown.

Drown the way I did, in misery and despair.

I want you to feel like you can’t be repaired.

Like there is no hope.

I want you to be able not to cope.

Looking straight into his eyes,

The shaking in my voice I cannot disguise.

I suck in a breath,

This is the last time I will think about my death.

I have control. There is no fear in my eyes.

I can finally say goodbye.

by Dan Lewis

If these words can lift you,
Then ascend up to Jupiter,
So I may confuse you for a star
And wish upon you often.

Hours and Arms
If smiles could buy hours,
There’d be no end to today;
And if hopes could be like arms,
Let them carry us away.

Haunted Places
Cast a shadow and it may be me,
The faceless in a sea of faces.
Walk the world for each and all to see,
And I’ll stay in my haunted places.

Stay Gone
Stay gone, dear child,
Please do not return;
Race far from this place.
Home lies behind you,
But your heart, elsewhere;
Chase your dreams of grace.

I can’t see your side;
I can’t get the feel of you;
You’re like Braille, darling.

by Patrick Winters


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