Student Senate Meeting Minutes (October 15, 2015)

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Tanner Trustee Room

October 15th, 2015

Call to Order: 8:34 PM

Roll Call

Absent: President Nava (excused), Senator Klein (excused), Senator Tallent (unexcused), Senator A. Phillips (excused)

Motion to approve agenda

Agenda approved via unanimous consent



Executive Board:

President: Vice-President Franke passed out President Nava’s report.

Vice President: Vice-President Franke looks forward to what we can do the rest of the semester.

Treasurer: Senator McNamara explained that we have money left over in our account from the water fountains and will be trying to figure out what to do with that money.  If Senators have any ideas, they should bring them to the committees and present them in the resolution.

Secretary: Senator Graham stated that the proposed bonfire date of October 28th would not work, so Dean Carlson suggested November 4th or 5th.  The majority of Senators stated that the 4th would be better, but to have it at a later time at night.


Finance: Senator Flores stated that they had one allocation request that came in but it was too late for this meeting.  They will review it at their next meeting.   

Student Life: Senator Tshimoa encouraged Senators to come meet with Joe Werts and Denny Schumacher on Monday the 19th at 11am with any issues.

Special Events: Senator Graham stated that the committee has been brainstorming ideas of events to have this year.  She will discuss an event coming up later in the meeting.

Public Relations: Senator Bruce discussed the winners of Professor and Staff Person of the Month.  The committee is also going to try some new ways of voting.


2016: Senator Graham stated that the senior kick-off event was a success and the class would be brainstorming ideas for events to encourage more participation.

2017: Senator Wadkins and his class discussed fundraising and different social ideas.  They also brainstormed ideas of different organizations to partner with for service projects.  Senator Wadkins is also going to speak with the Alumni House to see if the class can start giving to their class gift their junior year.  Finally, they talked about how to increase voting for their class.

2018: Senator McNamara and the Class of 2018 wants to focus on diversity on the campus and will be continuing discussion regarding it at their next meeting.

2019: Senator H. Phillips stated that the class would be meeting on Friday.

Ad-Hoc Committees: No ad-hoc committees at this time.

Student-Faculty Committee: Senator Yantis had nothing to report at this time.


Dean Carlson: Not present at the meeting.  

Professor Adams: Not present at the meeting.



Senator Flores wanted to bring to the attention of Senate that he was refused a to-go container because he was on a continuous meal plan.  Further discussion by the Student Senate took place.







Old Business:

New Business:

            Senate Apparel         

Senator Graham discussed apparel options for Senate this year.  The Public Relations Committee will be tasked with designing the shirts.

Special Events Donuts
Senator Graham asked Senators to sign up to help set-up, serve, and take down the donut event on Monday.



Moved to adjourn meeting by Senator Graham, seconded by Senator McNamara: Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 9:14 PM


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