Alumni Spotlight: Diane Read Enz ‘86

Jessica Sanders –


Have you ever been walking in the quad and thought about the students before us? Have you wondered how many students today are part of a special group who have had family attend for generations?

Many people know Illinois College junior Adam Enz. What some may not know about him is that he is a fourth-generation IC student. Adam’s great-grandmother graduated from IC in 1928, and his grandfather graduated in 1952. His mother, Diane Enz, formerly known as Diane Read, graduated from IC in 1986.

Diane Enz was a part of many activities on campus. She played volleyball for four years, as well as softball and basketball for two. Enz was also a part of the literary society Sigma Phi Epsilon, which she speaks very highly of. She remembers during her pledge week that she did not think she could manage all her school work and pledging, but she did! It gave her great confidence to know she could accomplish all of that. The pledges may be very busy in the coming weeks, but just remember- it should all be worth it in the end. Enz did not realize how much being in a literary society benefited her until later, in her career as a teacher.

Enz was an elementary education major with a concentration in language arts while at IC. She has since gotten her master’s degree at Western Illinois University as a reading specialist and has taken classes at National Louis University for reading recovery.

Now she mainly works one-on-one with students, but back when she had her own classroom, she said that she was speaking in front of an audience every day. Enz currently works at South Elementary in Jacksonville, as a reading specialist.  

Enz felt that IC gave her many great opportunities in the classroom to work with children of all ages. She is happy to hear that the Education Department today has a class for classroom management that the future teachers need to take. As a teacher, she knows how important classroom management is today.

Enz is still involved with the campus, but this time as a parent. The elder Enz is a part of the parent council, getting a bird’s eye view of what the campus is like today. She believes the students today have better opportunities to travel, the facility is clean and well-kept, and there are new buildings. Enz is also impressed with how integrated the professors are with one another and with sports. She also likes the idea of the BLUEprint because it lets the students receive a true liberal arts education. The students today are making connections and they are aware of it. She also compliments the professors who are helping the students with the things they are passionate about. Enz does remember some of her favorite professors, though she enjoyed all of them. A few of her favorites were Dr. Koepp (English), Professor Hahn (English), Dr. Cross (sociology), Dr. Seuss (writing), and Dr. Robinson (elementary education). One class she really enjoyed was elementary art.

Enz has a bit of advice for the students: “Believe in what you can accomplish.” The students need to take full advantage of all that is offered to them at IC.


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