Organization Spotlight: IC Environmentalists

Audrey Clayton –


The small but mighty IC Environmentalists (ICE) have revamped their organization with big plans to help make this true blue campus go green.

“In the past, ICE has not been a very numerous group. When I joined this organization, there were only three members,” Christian Flores said. Flores, along with Jessi Edmiston, are the co-presidents of ICE, while Hailey Phillips serves as treasurer under advisor Lori Oldenettel. Since Flores became president, ICE has worked to recruit other students to grow their numbers. These added hands help to accomplish larger tasks.

What exactly is ICE? They do anything and everything that has to do with protecting the environment. They have recycled ink and toner cartridges, raised awareness for recycling, participated in Project Clean Plate to help minimize food waste in the dining hall, volunteered for community projects like the Town Brook Clean Up, and worked with local organizations like the Starhill Arboretum. That’s a lot of work for 12 people.

With all of their efforts, ICE still has a lot of things they want to accomplish. For example,  they want to create an infographic on recycling so that everyone on campus knows exactly what can and cannot be recycled. They have realized that many students want to recycle but very few actually know what is recyclable. Additionally, they plan to work with Facilities to see about getting a small recycling bin in all of the dorms. If the bin is right there in their room, it might remind students to recycle more.

          “Our logic is that if students have the means to recycle, they will do it,” says Flores.

Not only are they wanting to teach students how to properly recycle and help protect the earth we live on, but also help everything else that lives here, too.

In the spring, ICE plans to plant some native flora that will beautify the campus as well as attract monarch butterflies. Seeing as they are on the endangered species list, ICE hopes with the right plants and a good environment for the butterflies, the campus could become a breeding ground for them and help give their population a boost.

ICE’s overall mission is one that sounds simple, but is actually very difficult, especially for only 12 people. They are creating awareness for environmental issues across the entire campus. With Flores also being a member of the Student Senate, he makes sure that going green on campus means staying green. It also helps to ensure new ideas are at the forefront of discussions.

Any student who wishes to join the Illinois College Environmentalists can contact Christian Flores via email at


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